Pinspiration Monday: Top 10 Best Pinners

Try saying that 5 times fast…

Welp, SURPISE!! My family and I (minus John, who didn’t have enough vacay time…) are off to the beach for an entire blissful week. We are already a couple of days into it and having a blast. The house that we rented has this fabulous courtyard pool that my sis and I have been lounging around all day every day. Follow me on Instagram for ALL the updates, although prepare to be jealous!

And before you start feeling bad for John, I think he’s looking forward to a nice relaxing girl-free week. He’s not much of a fan of the beach anyway.  Don’t try to figure that one out, by the way – I already have and am left cross eyed.

But now that that little sidebar is out of the way, I wanted to share a little something different this “Pinspiration Monday” morning. It’s high time that I give a little run down on my top ten pinners and why they made the cut. So much of this blog is made possible because of inspiration gleaned from this website, so I want to turn the spotlight on the individuals whose instincts  keep my creativity on its toes.

Top 10 Pinners

  1. Glitter Guide: The Glitter Guide has ALWAYS been an incredible resource for me, even before I started writing features for them. Every morning (and afternoon and evening) I jump at the chance to “bookmark” their inspiring pins on fashion, food and home design.
  2. Apartment Therapy: My favorite things to pin from the Apartment Therapy board are (of course) the homes they feature. The small space pins are especially interesting to me as we work to decorate our OWN small space.
  3. Lily /Birch + Bird: Lily (of the blog Birch and Bird) is definitely one my most repinned Pinterest users. Scrolling through her latest pins is like looking through my favorite magazine – A beautifully curated collection of photography and bookmarkable resources.
  4. Bri Emery / designlovefest: This oober talented graphic designer is constantly keeping me on my toes with her glamorous throw back lifestyle and gutsy use of color.
  5. N C (i.e. Nest Design Studio): I definitely feel like Natalie and I just repin each others pins all day. She and I must be kindred spirits when it comes to taste and style, because there’s hardly a pin of hers that I don’t file away for myself.
  6. Tanya from Dans le Townhouse: This board is one of my favorites for mid-century inspiration and geometric patterns. Tanya has wonderful taste in vintage products and spaces, and I so value following her boards (especially her “DIY to TRY” board!).
  7. The Everygirl: Like The Glitter Guide, The Everygirl Pinterest account is my go-to for all things fashion, food and decor. Their career features are some of my favorites to file away for future reference too.
  8. Emily Henderson: Hands down my favorite designer/stylist, Emily Henderson has THE best taste in all things beautiful. She all but dominates my “Styling 101” board, with examples of her own work and the work of those she admires.
  9. Jillianne: John and I have actually known and loved Jill since high school. Her perky and whimsical personality is one of those that shines through so perfectly from her Pinterest account. I particularly love her taste in jewelry.
  10. Better Homes and Gardens: Since this post is getting a bit overstated, I’ll keep my description for this pinner brief and matter of fact. One word: DUH!!

Who are YOUR favorite pinners?

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