The Options: Gallery Wall or Gallery Ledge

Gallery Wall or Gallery Ledge

Option 1: The Everygirl | Option 2: Pinterest (source uncredited)

I adore art. Have WAY too much of it, in fact. At one point, it had piled so high in my studio closet that I literally gave up and hung everything gallery wall style in our upstairs hallway just to get it up off the floor! So it should come as no surprise that I would be particularly enamored with different exhibition methods. The age old question (at least it’s “age old” to me…) – Gallery wall or gallery ledge?

Option 1: Gallery walls can typically withstand a larger VOLUME of framed prints, so that’s score #1 for this particular methodology. The options are nearly limitless too when it comes to shape – Hang your prints randomly like the first inspiration image above, or hang them to mimic a round shape. You could even take the time to painstakingly line up your frame edges (think a rectangular puzzle with perfect 90 degree corners). No matter your arrangement, you can’t deny the impact of this first option.

Option 2: And yet, for the more calculated art connoisseur, there’s the gallery ledge. A sturdy thin shelf mounted securely to the wall allows your favorite framed prints to “float” in a more contained manner on the wall. The layered effect of larger frames behind smaller ones in the front is my favorite part of this set up. Plus, you have much more freedom to move the frames around or switch out the art when it suits your fancy.

Those are my thoughts, but I’m dying to know your opinion – Cast your vote!

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