Side by Side: White Parsons Desk

Today’s post begins a two-part reveal to a little something I’ve been working on in the studio. If you’ve been following along for the past couple of years, then you know just how much trouble this room has caused me. It just NEVER. FELT. RIGHT. That is, up until now. That’s right, folks – I think I finally finally finally landed it. Yet, before I get ahead of myself, let me explain where it all started – namely with a new desk.

Now I’ve known for a while that I wanted to get a new desk. Something streamlined and modern, a far cry from the traditional hand-me-down I’ve been carting around for the past several years. In my wildest dreams I always pictured a nice crisp white Parson’s desk, but didn’t have West Elm’s original version in my budget. Thankfully, Overstock saved me yet again with an affordable version of the look I so craved.


Option 1: Overstock | Option 2: West Elm

Yeah, that’s a whopping $280 difference. I was a little blown away by the value, even despite the slight difference in dimensions. Overstock’s version measures 39 inches wide x 19.70 inches deep x 30 inches high. West Elm’s version? That one measures 48 inches wide x 24 inches deep x 30 inches high. That’s only a difference of 4.3 inches in depth and 9 inches in width – Hardly worth the extra money (again $280!!), if you ask me.

That said, please don’t get me wrong. West Elm might as well be dubbed the Olympia of all things home decor, and I am sure it’s an incredible piece of furniture. I just can’t afford it. But in the essence of full disclosure, after unpacking and assembling my new desk, I could tell right away that it wouldn’t last forever. The material is pretty cheap, but it’s not as though I put a desk through the ringer – If I can make the piece last through one more move and HOPEFULLY one decade, I’ll be more than satisfied with my $69 spent. If you want a budget-friendly version of this trendy piece of furniture, I highly recommend the Overstock parson’s desk!

And now for a small taste of the full reveal of my new studio, complete with a fresh coat of paint (yes, this will be the 4th), new furniture, new art and a few new accessories.



I’m going to attempt to ignore all of the other goodies and just point out how fabulous my new desk is functionally. Whereas my old desk had 6 drawers packed to the brim with things I hardly ever used, the new desk has one clean, streamlined drawer right beneath the keyboard. I ended up tossing or boxing up all of my extraneous office supplies, leaving just the useful things like push pins and camera cords in the drawer – So much better. The biggest thing though is being able to cross my legs and pull my chair in without banging around within the minuscule footprint afforded by my old desk (as seen in this post). It’s worlds and away better.


See you back here tomorrow same time for much, much more of this room update!

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