The Options: Stripes or Dots

Option 1 | Option 2

How playful are these two spaces?? When I was imagining this week’s feature centered around stripes and dots, I had initially planned on sourcing sophisticated versions of the prints – something black and white or even just a subtle monochromatic gloss effect. But when I stumbled randomly on these two photos, I knew I would have to go colorful. I can’t stop smiling when I look at these rooms.

Option 1: Stripes, to me, read just a HAIR more grownup – Although it’s difficult for me to use the word “grownup” with this wild spectrum of color. It’s light hearted, bold and very easy to recreate in our own homes on a budget. A couple of quarts of paint are all it takes to follow suit.

Option 2: On the other hand, dots are yet another classic motif that add a big dose of whimsy to a home. Looking perfectly appropriate in this little girl’s room, the dots could age several years in a different color pallet or finish. Imagine if these were done in gold…And, of course, this is easily done on a budget too with a few sheets of contact paper cut into circles.

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