The Options: Butterfly or Wingback

Butterfly or Wingback

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Leather chairs, to me, are the ultimate in living room luxury. We can’t even hope to afford one at the moment, so instead I find myself doing a bit of virtual dreaming. These two options, though eras apart from one another, steal my heart in completely different ways.


Up until about a year ago, I was staunchly against the butterfly chair resurgence. Seeing as I had had a hot pink faux fur version in my sophomore college dorm room (along with every other 20-year-old girl in school), I couldn’t help but equate them with the early 2000’s. But the more often I see the vintage-inspired leather version pop up, the more willing I am to change my stereotyping ways.


But how about a leather wingback? Now there’s a compromise I can wrap my head around. Distinctly modern, yet also distinctly worn in with just a touch of masculine elegance, even my ultra retro style can’t help but take a long look. I can easily see this sophisticated chair living comfortably on top of a black and white striped area rug, a bright teal wall behind and a mid-century brass side table by its side.

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