A little neon never hurt anyone


When it comes to my studio, anything goes. If I want to repaint it four times to get the shade of blue JUST right, I can. If I want to fill it with pink, girlie goodness, I can. Have I mentioned that my husband deserves a “Best of” award? Well I recently took things up a notch with a simple DIY-ed touch of neon fuschia.


Please excuse my pre-new-lens photo above (does anyone else have trouble photographing the color red?), but this pre-made neon pompom garland came to me for next to nothing from the clearance section at our local craft store. Truth be told, I had no idea what I’d use it for, but it spoke to me – the possibilities spoke to me. So in my cart it went, and in my pile of crafting supplies it sat for the next three months.


I had initially planned to use it on a pillow, but never could find one that was small enough to handle the rather short length of the garland. Then, one random Thursday, I checked it against the circumference of my burlap bucket of patterned wall- and wrapping paper to find that it was perfect!



A few dabs of hot glue every pompom or so plus twenty minutes of my time one afternoon this past week were all I needed to check this project off my list. It’s amazing how much “oomph” you can get for a little money, a little time and just a little touch of neon.

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