Shoptiques Debuts New Home Decor Line!


You guys know, maybe even better than anyone, just how much I adore home accessories—really, any quirky, unique, GOLD piece will do. So I’m pleased as punch to be apart of a brand new home decor launch this morning!

For those of you just being introduced to Shoptiques, the online brand has brought some of the world’s most sought after boutiques to the masses in an innovative digital store front. While I could hardly deter you from packing your bags for Paris or Manhattan or L.A., you no longer HAVE to in order to shop the shops those cities are known for. Now you can sort through an array of hand picked pieces from the comfort of home—in your down filled bed, cat pajamas on, coffee (or cocktail—no judging!) in hand.

mailing_introhomedecor 2

All this to say that I was more than a little excited when the Shoptiques team asked me to help kick off the launch of their new home-specific category by choosing my favorite picks from the bunch. An excessive 23 links later…I had narrowed it down to my gotta-have, need-right-now items. I’m only mildly obsessed with the final choices, as you’ll see above (or that you saw in your inbox if you signed up for the Shoptiques newsletter. And that’s not all. To celebrate, Shoptiques is offering DGD readers 10% off their purchase with code DIY10. What’s YOUR favorite piece?

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