DIY Potted Plant Toppers


One search through Pinterest, and you’ll realize just how many ideas exist out in the crafting world for simple DIY gifts. From customized wine bottle bags to thoughtfully wrapped delicacies, the choices are limitless when you’re on a quest to treat your best friend or co-worker. Well, here’s one more idea to add to the mix—a simple DIY potted plant finished with chalkboard toppers that make a totally customized statement.


For this project, you’ll need three wooden dowel toppers (I purchased mine pre-painted with chalkboard paint from the craft store for about $1 each), a chalk marker pen or chalk and a planter plus flowers of choice. I went with succulents for their ease of care.


My toppers, although perfectly adorable already, were just a little bit too long for my short and squat planter. So I grabbed a pair of scissors to cut into the dowel about halfway up and then gently cracked the dowel the rest of the way using my fingertips. The wood snapped very easily since the dowels are so thin. I then repeated the steps across all three toppers.


The final phase in this super simple DIY project? I drew on a quick “I [heart] U” message—one letter/symbol for each chalkboard faced topper—and then stuck the ends of the dowel rods into the soft soil at the back of my planter. Easy as that. Now I have the perfect thing to hand over come birthdays or first day of school!


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