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Last Monday, Sarah (of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs) sweetly tagged me in the viral blog hop that you might have caught wind of throughout your cyber travels. I actually have yet to meet Sarah in person, but am SO looking forward to catching up with this brilliant, beyond-talented blogger/designer next week in New York City at the Better Homes and Gardens Stylemaker event. She and I are rooming with Sarah (of Sarah Hearts) and Jeran (of Oleander + Palm), so it’s bound to be one hugely creative trip, full of laughter and new ideas.

So, as dictated by this season’s hop, I’m here today to share just a peek at the behind the scenes lifestyle of Dream Green DIY—from my motivations as a writer to the low down on my process (plus a couple of hints at upcoming projects!), get ready to dive into my day-to-day life as an editor, stylist and blogger.


Why do you write?

As cheesy as this sounds, asking me why I write is a little like asking me why I breathe. I just can’t help it! I love to think and analyze and, as an artist, I also like to “paint pictures,” so it seems only natural that I would love to sit down and pour my thoughts out onto paper—or, that is, onto a computer screen. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been writing. There was a tiny poetry phase in there during my punk rocker high school days and I’ve been known to buckle down on a few never-been-finished novels, but of course nothing quite so disciplined as this blog and its 800-odd posts.

As for why I write here, well that can’t really be helped either. I love having the opportunity to share my perspective on projects and my main goal for sitting here at my computer week in and week out to tap, tap, tap out each post is the idea that someone somewhere will find a glimmer of inspiration here. If that happens, then I’ve done my job!


What are you working on?

Right now, it feels like I’ve got about 85 little juggling balls up in the air…But some of the biggies are a brand new writing/crafting collaboration with Angi set to hit the airwaves in just a couple of weeks, plus a really fun Home Depot holiday-themed partyscape that I’m looking forward to sharing. I’m also working with Delta to reveal a SUPER secret, brand new product later this fall, and I can’t wait to spill the beans on a Target partnership…My fellow Career Contessa directors and I also are gearing up for some fun first anniversary festivities, too. Lots to do, lots to see and I can’t wait to share it all with you!




How does your blog differ from others in the genre?

I know others in this blog hop kind of hit a wall when they came to this question, and I’m certainly no different. There are just so many DIY blogs out there, and frankly I hate to think of any of them as competition. Sure, I get a little down on myself when I see other creatives working with top-of-the-top brands or having the most genius light bulb moments that leave me feeling the urge to kick myself for not thinking as lightly on my feet, but that’s just the name of the game in this field I think. Those moments only challenge me to be a better blogger and a more refined editor anyway, so I suppose that ultimately I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I think DGD is different because it’s me, and as Dr. Seuss once said, no one is “me-er” than me. Put a pile of materials in front of 10 of us DIY bloggers and you’re bound to get 10 completely different projects. We all have the same goals, aspirations and dreams when it comes to our blogs and finished products, but our unique personalities and ideas make everything we do fresh and the first of its kind.



What is your writing process?

For better or worse, I’m a bit of a down-to-the-wire type of writer. I work well under pressure and, as my editors all will attest, I tend to work right up until deadline. As for DGD, I build my posts out with placeholder text and photos each Sunday (although I’m trying my best to move this process up to Friday so that I can have my weekends free) and then wake up early each weekday morning to fill in the copy. It’s usually a mad dash to that 10:00 a.m. auto-publish moment, but my thought is that this keeps me from overthinking my stories and maybe makes for better posts all around.




All photos: Mallory Benedict

Learn anything new? Did you have a different picture in your head? It’s definitely not the most glamorous life, but I certainly wouldn’t have it any other way…

As for the next creative in line for the hop? Well, I’m excited to tag the oh-so-talented Tan, of Squirrelly Minds. This gal know her way around a good DIY—plus she also happens to be an incredible artist (and cook!). Do yourself a favor and add this blog to your blogroll, and be sure to catch Tan’s own “Behind the Scenes” posts coming up next Monday!
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