Budget Buys: Ikea


Now that fall is officially here, I can finally indulge in my love for all things cable knit, jewel-toned and just generally cozy. This season is my absolute favorite when it comes to wardrobe, and so (not surprisingly) it ranks pretty high on my home goods faves, too. But to make sure that I don’t splurge TOO much in these weeks leading up to the holiday season frenzy, I gave myself a budget of $50 (okay, $50.93 truthfully). Happily, that limitation still afforded me one fun trip to IKEA, my favorite budget-friendly Big Box Store. What’s your favorite piece?

  1. LYKTA table lamp, $12.99
  2. GADDIS basket, $4.99 each
  3. KNARSTA picture, Kayla London, $6.99
  4. VINÄGER bowl, $5.99
  5. VÄCKIS alarm clock, $0.99
  6. ANGENÄM vase, $14.99
  7. BRÄCKA scented candles, $3.99/3 pack

Want another take on the $50 budget? I’m sharing alternative options over on Glitter Guide!

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