Cocktail Occasions: The Peachy Squeeze

Cocktail Occasions: The Peachy Squeeze | Dream Green DIY

Looking for a sweet, almost-summery way to beat the chill? My favorite cocktail (of all time!) will do the trick in a hot second. This pretty pink lemonade concoction will always hold a special place in my heart as the mascot of my college years—and, before you run off with images of a wild undergrad dancing in your head, I say that in the most sophisticated and socially accepted of ways. I still indulge in a Peachy Squeeze, seven years later and can’t get enough of the combination of pink lemonade and peachy vodka and schnapps. Hop to Glitter Guide for the recipe and the full story behind this delicious, decadent drink.

(Photo courtesy Carrie Waller for Glitter Guide)

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