Spaces + Soirée + Style // Wood

Spaces + Soirée + Style: Wood | Dream Green DIY

Spaces: Camille Styles | Habitus Living
Soirée: Ruffled | My Name Is Yeah
Style: Sarah Hearts | The Crafted Life

Gold? It’s my bestest friend in the world. Velvet? Come to mama. Bright patterned fabric? I’m infatuated. But the one material that I think will last forever? The one that I can’t help but feel like it will last as a great love of mine? Wood grain. That living texture and one-of-a-kind pattern just can’t be matched by any other passing trend, and happily (as I found out in building today’s Spaces + Soirée + Style feature), wood can be found in nearly everything we do—from fashion, right on down to the spaces we decorate and design. What’s your favorite way to celebrate wood grains creatively?

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