Spring Adult Easter Basket Gift Ideas

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults

I just adore Easter. I think it may (selfishly) be because this holiday tends to fall a week or two before my birthday, but another huge reason is because it also unofficially marks the beginning of the spring season for me. I was surprised to see that it showed up on the calendar in March this year, though, so I decided to put together a roundup of adult Easter basket gift ideas now so that you have time to get these goodies shipped well ahead of the March 31st event. Keep scrolling for a list of 12 spring-inspired goodies that I know your grown-up pals will love if you decide to host an Easter gift exchange, or just as a one-off pick-me-up for a friend coming out from under their wintry seasonal depression.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults:

1. Rope Baskets: Cutsie Easter baskets are for kids…I love the idea of receiving my own Easter presents in a simple rope basket like this that I can use around the house long after the festivities are over.

2. Bunny Bark: I live for Williams Sonoma peppermint bark at Christmas time, so I definitely had to add this Bunny Bark to my Easter wish list.

3. Flower Coasters: Small gifts are key when curating an Easter basket, and I think these spring floral coasters are the perfect fit.

4. Spring AirPods Case: When in doubt, add things that have flowers on them to your Easter basket! Most people seem to own AirPods these days, so this case is a pretty safe addition to your gift plan.

5. Handmade Ikebana Vase: If you haven’t heard of ikebana before, it’s a traditional Japanese style of floral arranging where you focus on minimalism, balance, and asymmetry. This ceramic ikebana vase is a great way to get started with this hobby during spring.

6. Canned Cocktail: Bubbly alcoholic cans are the perfect little surprises to tuck into adult Easter baskets, which is why I chose this Vodka Elderflower and Pear Cocktail. Bonus points for the beautiful flowery packaging! (Oops, it sold out…but here’s a link to their Citrus Margarita variety!)

7. Botanical Room Spray: Spring scents are some of my favorites. I’d love to try the Wild Jasmine in this lineup of room sprays.

8. Fern Moss Candle: Again with the springtime scents…This one’s for your friends who prefer adding fragrance to a room through candles.

9. Carrot Quick Bread Mix: The Easter-themed Peter Rabbit branding on this package caught my eye, and makes it the perfect thing to add to any adult Easter basket.

10. Rose Hydrating Mist: I use a similar hydrating face spray as part of my nighttime wind-down routine, and find it so relaxing. I think this rose-scented version would make for a great spring gift.

11. Citron Tumbler: I personally don’t buy into the Stanley water bottle craze, but in case your friend is a big, big fan, this spring-colored option might become her new favorite thing.

12. Bunny Vase: I mean, it doesn’t get much more “Easter” or “spring” than a floral patterned bunny-shaped vase, am I right?!

Which item on my list caught your eye? I personally love the Bunny Bark (that mint-colored tin is so cute!) and the handmade ikebana vase. I may be a little biased about the vase, though, since I helped finish it off as glazing assistant to artist Jake Johnson. I just recently helped him launch his collection for purchase on Etsy, so click through and check out the other ceramic vase options he has available right now for spring. We’re quickly approaching floral arranging season, and ikebana arrangements are one of my favorite styles to try. Stay tuned for a DIY post that goes into the basics of ikebana flower arranging next month! But I digress…Let me know in the comments what you’d love to see in your own adult Easter basket in just a couple of weeks.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas For Adults

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