All in the details…


Gallery walls are big. HUGE. All over the place. I’ve got my fair share of gallery walls at home, but I’m starting to feel like they are getting a little overdone – Sort of like when your favorite song starts to dull when it’s played over and over and over and over again on the radio. Don’t get me wrong. I think gallery walls are here to stay, and I wholeheartedly think they are a great way to show off your art. But I’m now finding myself searching for a little more creativity in terms of their presentation. Take this space for example. It’s a tight shot, focusing only on a corner of this awesome room, but most of that “awesome” is seeping from this small area. As I’m sure you have gathered, I’m head over heels for that gallery wall. It’s unique, it’s sculptural and unlike any kind of gallery wall I’ve ever seen. The added bonus is that this is something we could all easily accomplish in our homes on a DIY budget.

Let’s get into the details…


So, yeah…This is fabulous. What a brilliant idea to take a simple lattice-type wooden structure, attach it to the wall and hang art from it. Although the prints would look great behind glass in this same set up, I’m really drawn to the fact that the art is clipped to old-fashioned wooden hangers instead. The “au naturale” look of the curling paper creates this hugely textural feel that makes the whole installation feel organic and casual. Not to mention, the prints would be easy peasy to switch out, since you’re not dealing with frames. I’m fairly certain that I’m going to have to DIY this. Stay tuned!


The styling in this space is kitschy and fun. There are about a million different prints mashed up together, but it makes the couch area feel like a conversation without having to say a word. It’s casual, inviting and youthful.


I am positively drooling over this couch. The color is pretty bold, possibly even bolder than I would go in real life, but it makes a statement, that’s for sure. When dealing with white walls, you have every license to go a bit eccentric with the colors of your furniture, art and accessories – The visual combo of the couch, plaid throw and multi-colored pillows are testament to this homeowner’s bravery and personality.

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