All in the details…Review and Resolutions


Curve ball time. Instead of focusing my typical Thursday “All in the details…” feature on a special room today, I’ve decided to focus attention on a handful of special thoughts, reflections and resolutions. It is the first week of 2013 after all. (Speaking of, who else has written “2012” on autopilot the last few days??)

In terms of this blog, 2012 was a whirlwind. Readership doubled, I decided to go back to daily posts instead of just 3 days a week and I FINALLY began to learn how to use a DSLR camera. There was also that moment when one totally random, frankly quite shotty project went viral on Pinterest, catapulting the blog into uncharted stats territory (for reasons I’m still scratching my head over). Said project also landed me an Apartment Therapy feature. And lastly, our home was featured on The Everygirl (as was a festive little DIY project), and I also began writing for Glitter Guide. I STILL have to pinch myself when thinking about those last two accomplishments.

All in all, I couldn’t be more excited with the current lifestyle of DG-DIY. You guys have seriously made this little corner of the Internet one of the coziest and most humbling retreats for me.

But gooshy stuff aside…Let’s talk goals. This post is already far wordier (and photo-scarce) then I had planned, so I’ll be concise. I only have 2 resolutions for the year ahead because I don’t like to be unrealistic, but I think the ones I’ve chosen are both good and valuable things to focus on – One for the emotional benefits, and the other for the financial:

  1. Be kinder: Here’s a confession…When it comes to my relationship with John, I kind of resort to the flirtation tactics of a 5th grader. In other words, I have this major crush on my hubby, like MAJOR, but I show it by teasing and taunting him. I know, I know…Not cool. Especially when he’s the gentlest, most thoughtful creature on earth. But I’d seriously do anything for the guy, so this year, I’m resolving to show my love in a kinder way. No more figuratively pushing him in the dirt and calling him a “poopy face,” all while doodling hearts and his last name in my trapper keeper…
  2. No new clothes for a year: So this one is actually super last minute. Joy Cho (of Oh Joy!) made a shout out on Twitter yesterday to someone who did just that in 2012, and it intrigued me. I immediately asked myself mentally if I too could achieve such a bragging right, and the thought wasn’t all that crazy! So I’m going to try my DAMNEDEST not to buy clothes for an entire year, that’s 365 whole days. I AM allowing myself 2 exceptions though. Gifted clothes are a-okay (hint hint family members) and I’m also going to give myself 3 “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards to go shopping for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Wish me luck…I think I’ll need it.

Thanks for a FABULOUS 2012, and I’d love to know – What resolutions are you guys coming up with for the new year?

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