Pinspiration Monday: Paper wrapped vases

For the past 3 months, I’ve been giving myself a little bit of a project break – Instead of more involved undertakings like refinished furniture and large scale painting projects, I’ve focused on small 10- to 20-minute crafts. This was mostly to give myself a little time to breathe as I continue to get used to the new, more demanding job that I started back in October. The training for my particular position was set to last 12 weeks total and, now that we are about 2 weeks out from the end, I have an inkling of what my normal schedule will be going forward. Time to start planning some big projects for the spring…

But since we aren’t QUITE there yet, I took a little time over the weekend to tackle another one of the small scale projects I’ve been meaning to try. This darling little idea via Pinterest has had me dying to grab some vases, some twine and a stack of patterned paper.


Source | decor8

I had initially planned on using one of the many thrifted vases that we gathered for the wedding back in April (which now live between my mom’s house and ours). That was the PLAN, but then I happened to comment on four tiny glass jars while visiting my sister over the weekend. She explained that they were old spice bottles and that I could have them if I wanted them – With no thought to what she could use them for, they were basically headed for the trash. I immediately grabbed them up and tucked them safely away in my suitcase. I too was initially stumped as to what they could be used for, but then decided that they’d be just perfect for a paper/twine makeover.



This project took maybe 5 minutes total, it was so straightforward. First I cut my scrapbook paper to size – A touch smaller than the width of the middle flat section of the bottles. After that, I attached one end to the bottle with clear tape, wrapped the paper all the way around the bottle and secured it with another piece of tape.




Time for the twine. I cut that to size, about 8 inches long, to allow it to go all the way around the bottle and to make a dainty little bow around front. And that was it! I think the look could have been beefed up just a little by layering different patterns on top of one another on the same bottle, sort of like in the “pinspiration” image. It looks like they might have also incorporated a little washi tape – I’m more than open to those possibilities too.




As a set, I think they are just too darling. I am picturing them in the windowsill in the kitchen with little flower buds or sprigs of herbs sprouting out of the opening. Keep an eye on Instagram for updates!

P.S. I’m over on the Glitter Guide today talking about 5 simple ways we can all refresh our decor for the new year. I personally can’t wait to tackle that chalkboard dresser redo!


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