Weekly Pinterest Challenge: Gold sharpie table edging

This weekend was a bit of a busy one, preparing a major project for posting later this week (Instagram sneak peek here!). So I wanted to pick an easily manageable Pinterest project that would take twenty minutes or less and use supplies that I already had on hand. Enter this idea…


This black table was given TONS of extra dimension, simply by adding a gold band around the edge. I love it. Let’s do it. Although this homeowner actually used legit metallic paint to get her look and a Sharpie just for touch-ups, I decided to focus my entire project on the little marker that could.

The table in question? Our entry way table. We had picked this one up from a friend several years ago for $20. Although the shape isn’t my absolute favorite, the dimensions are perfect for the narrow hallway leading to the kitchen and the black paint actually plays well with the TV and record player in the adjacent living room – So it stays. But, after catching sight of my gold trimmed Pinterest table, I immediately thought of the thin indented line running the perimeter of our little entry table.

(Sorry for the Christmas photos – They were the best “Befores” I could find, plus – who am I kidding – I’ll take any excuse to look ahead to the holidays)

Was it really going to be as simple as uncapping my gold Sharpie and running it across the table run? Apparently (and miraculously), yes! Although I had to clean the marker tip every so often because this indention is a bit of a dust magnet, it worked like a charm.

$1 and about ten minutes – That’s all it took to cross this DIY project off my list. That I can easily handle, and I actually really love the way it turned out. Subtle but sophisticated all at the same time. If I hadn’t stood there myself carefully dragging my marker around the perimeter of the table, I never (repeat NEVER) would have thought this was done with a Sharpie. Thanks, Pinterest, for making this one a simple-to-recreate reality!

What Pinterest projects are you looking to recreate?

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