The Options: Pattern or Solid

Option 1 | Option 2

It’s no secret that rugs tend to make the most impact when styling a space, but unfortunately it’s also no secret that they tend to be the most expensive accessories in a space. If I had all the money in the world though, you can bet I’d be all over the two options in today’s feature. But I’m curious…Which kind of rug do you lean towards?

Option 1: The first look is a pretty bold one, with several layers of color, line and pattern. Although the rug featured here is a pretty mod take, you can also consider oriental rugs, vintage kilim patterns or colorful florals.

Option 2: On the other hand, pattern isn’t the only way to make a bold statement. I almost wonder if this rich peacock blue rug makes even more of an impact than the patterned option. The saturation of the solid color really grabs my attention, at least.

So which option are you drawn to?

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