“Thrift Store SCORE!” of the Week {3/24/11}

We are so excited about this find!!!

It’s an old shelf from the basement of our favorite thrift store downtown. Although we initially saw the piece of furniture upside down, we were totally drawn to the 24 unique cubby holes (which are PERFECT for books and magazines) built into the top three shelves.

The bottom two shelves are open and waiting to be filled with our combined DVD collection, and the bottom open space below the last shelf is perfect for a basket of blankets.

Here’s another view:

This is a close up of the cubby holes, complete with original number labels – Amazingly, only ONE of them is missing! We didn’t have to do a thing to him! Other then fill him up with our stuff 🙂

Cost: $20 (knocked down from $25 using my epic haggling skills)

Happy thrifting!

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