Master Bedroom Revamp {Part One}

Isn’t it amazing how changing one thing in a room can make it feel entirely new and exciting?? I’m the kind of person that rearranges a room at least once every couple of months just to feel the sense of excitement that newness and change brings on. Moving a bed is especially exciting because you LITERALLY wake up with a new perspective on life 🙂

Speaking of beds…That’s exactly what recently got a new face lift at our house! If you’ve been through our house tour, you might remember our original bed spread. It was just a cheap $20 cotton black comforter from Target – It may have even come from the dorm section.

Now, I’m not harping on dorm items – I LOVED putting my various dorm rooms together over my college experience (as you can probably imagine from this blog, they were decorated to a “T”). But let’s face it, the quality of brightly colored dorm comforters and sheets aren’t pristine…I guess manufacturers figure that college-age kids aren’t concerned with the thread-count of their linens. I suppose there’s truth to that though because I don’t think I even cared back then as long as it looked good!

But back to our black bed spread – It wasn’t very comfy or cuddly…Plus it showed dog hair really easily (yes, we let Rocky sleep with us). We actually weren’t planning on getting a new comforter any time soon because we were making do just fine, but then we received a generous and thoughtful engagement gift from John’s parents which enabled us to pick one out!

So off we went to Target! We knew exactly which one to grab because of a past shopping trip when we stumbled upon it. At the time all I could do was sigh heavily after one last touch to its silky soft fabric and walk away. But THIS time, I got to bee-line right to the aisle, grab it off the shelf and hug it to my chest with a close-eyed smile!! You think I exaggerate…But I kid you not. I lucked out BIG time because John really liked it too!

We also hit the jack pot in the accessory pillow department. The pillow that goes with the comforter (oh btw, the new comforter is actually a quilt) wasn’t in stock the first time we perused the aisle, but it was there this time! I think I actually gasped with happiness when I saw it. I’ve seen this particular pillow featured in many-a home design blog, so it felt like I was really joining the club.

Here are some details of the set once we got it home:

I love the color palette of pale yellow with gray and white. So fresh and MUCH brighter than the old black comforter. Oh, and click here to see a post from one of the other blogs that features this particular pillow – I just adore the pop of texture and color it gives a bed! In tracking down the post for you guys, I see that we also inadvertently picked out the same quilt as this couple too – Great minds think alike 😉

But back to OUR room – So I was going to snap some “Before” shots for you to show the difference, but here’s what the bed looked like that evening:

I do not live there yet, so I take zero responsibility for John’s dislike for making his bed in the morning. The poor guy wakes up at 4am during the work week though, so I can’t blame him TOO much or give him too much grief…

We try to make this blog as “real” as possible though, so instead of hiding this disarray…I’ll make the bed and take more presentable photos of it before tossing it aside to put on the new linens show you “Before” shots taken months before hand!!!


…and now “After”!

The new quilt (and pillow too) make the room so much brighter!!! These pictures don’t really do it justice though…Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post which showcases the set in much better midday lighting as opposed to this yellow artificial light from the initial late-evening photo shoot.

Oh, and I just have to share this happy little discovery…The quilt is actually reversible!!!

I love the extra pop of pattern and more saturated yellow color…You can see in the “After” pictures above that we folded down the quilt at the head of the bed to give a peek-a-boo of the unexpected extra side.

Have you added anything to your home recently that made it feel fresh and exciting again? Any happy unexpected discoveries like a reversible quilt?

See you back here tomorrow for {Part Two} of our master bedroom revamp!

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