Pinspiration Monday: To-Do List

It is actually a bona-fide miracle that this post is getting published today…Ever since about 2:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, I have been feeling the new-season-is-here blues. Sore throat, head feels like it weighs a million pounds…etc. etc. It was just me at first, but it didn’t take long for John to follow – So the two of us have spent our ENTIRE weekends alternating cuddle time with the box of tissues, chugging glasses of orange juice and watching crappy television in our pjs for hours on end. It was not a pretty picture. In fact, as I sit here typing up the post this morning, my sinuses sound a bit like a pug on a good day (i.e. baaaaad). But at least I’m finally on the mend…

So, that said, I didn’t get ANY projects done this weekend. But I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging – So for this week’s “Pinterest Monday”, I’m going to show you my top four most-anticipated projects to tackle.

First up, some art. I am still trying to decide if our new stencil wall in the living room needs art. I’ve been oscillating back and forth over a large mirror or a piece of abstract art – If I went the abstract route, it would probably be something like the photo below. Something colorful and emotional. It just looks like such a fun piece to recreate with a bit of watered-down acrylics.

Source: Young Socialite Tumbler

Who knew that you could use lace as a stencil?! When I saw the pin below, I was hooked on the idea. Lace is beautiful because of its intricate detail and pattern – So why not use that as a way to decorate a piece of furniture or canvas with the help of a $3 can of spray paint? I can’t wait to try this out…

Source: Kara Paslay @

You know I love anything with repurposed frames (take this project and this project for example) – So when I saw the pin below, I couldn’t help but put it on my to-do list for later. I love the pop of yellow on the frame and what OCD, Type-A girl doesn’t love a pretty way to display her inspiration or keepsakes? Love!

Source: Ashley Ann @

I actually saw this project in a BH&G magazine a while back and have wanted to try it ever since – The idea of using a white marker to add some graphic appeal to a solid colored surface is so fun to me! I think it brings me back to my middle school days of doodling all day long in the margins of tests or notes. Now I only need to find this special white sharpie they used…

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Well there you have it! A quick run down of the things I WOULD have been up to this weekend if I had had the energy to even stand. Hopefully I will be back to 100% this weekend and can get cracking on some projects – Our house hasn’t seen a good redo in weeks because of our vacation and then this double sickness!

But one more thing before I go…I don’t know if you guys follow me on Twitter (if you don’t, you definitely should! Hint: look for a link on the sidebar to the right), but while at the beach I received the wonderful news that one of our DreamGreenDIY projects has made the cut over at “One Project Closer”!!! I had submitted my makeover to the project months ago, not thinking anything would actually come of it – But it was miraculously chosen and, as you can see below, was published on their AWESOME blog for all to see! So honored to have been given a spot amongst all of the other incredible makeovers featured on the blog…I also won a $50 gift card to Amazon for being chosen! I am planning on using it on another home makeover I’ve got up my sleeve, so stay tuned for that…

Check out the blog post featuring yours truly in full here!

But the competition just got a little more heated, because now readers are able to vote for their favorite “Before and After” project! The winner gets an additional $150 gift certificate and of course the knowledge that their hard work was appreciated by the cyber space of home redo junkies like ourselves 🙂 Vote for #12!!!

If you feel like my makeover deserves the vote, feel free to click on over to the website here and submit your opinion! But there are so many other awesome makeovers, so I give you FULL permission to choose the one you like the best, even if it’s not ours 🙂

So far, I’m not doing so hot:

But, like I said, I’m just so honored and thrilled to even be amongst the pack of other featured renovators!! If I’m able to inspire just one extra person through this bit of luck, then I’ll be satisfied.

Hope you all had a better weekend then we did! Enjoy your Monday 🙂

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