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Today’s post is going to be a bit of a quick one…John and I have the day off together and it’s probably going to be our last this year (besides holidays – Which I don’t get much of since I work at a newspaper) so we are going to take advantage of it! We thought about going out-of-town to one of our neighboring cities, like Roanoke or Charlottesville, for the day but eventually decided to stay close to home. We scheduled an appointment with a travel agent to discuss honeymoon options, plan on doing some last-minute Halloween party shopping and set aside some “no plans” time to soak up some laziness. It’s going to ROCK.

But I didn’t want to leave you guys with nothing to ponder or look at in terms of our constant home renovation/redecoration. So here’s where your advice and opinion comes in…

The big question of this Friday morning isssssss: All horizontal or some horizontal and some vertical?

If you are just tuning in, we are in the process of gearing up for a pretty huge kitchen renovation. We have decided to reuse the kitchen cabinets, which are in perfect shape, but will paint them to give them a new life. Right now they are a sort of peachy color that clashes badly with the beige walls…We’ve already chosen the new paint color and purchased our hardware (see them pointed out in the photo below), so we are on track to get this project started. As I mentioned in this post last month, we just need to muster up the courage to get it started – The thought of painting those cabinets ourselves is proving to be a very daunting idea and we just keep putting it off.

So instead of the “action” phase, we are happily strolling through the “planning” phase – It makes us feel SLIGHTLY productive. Our next item on the planning to-do list is the hardware placement. I have seen a lot of people recently mounting their long, thin, silver handles (like the ones we bought) vertically all the way through the room instead of horizontally on the drawers and vertically on the doors. I can’t decide which one I like. In my opinion, the “all horizontal” look is a TOUCH more modern and streamlined then the “some horizontal and some vertical,” which I definitely like. But are we that hip? I don’t know!!!

Here are some more images of the options – We’ll start with the “some horizontal and some vertical:”

This next one is my favorite because of the rich, dark cabinets. I would definitely use it as my ultimate inspiration image if we went the “some horizontal and some vertical” route…

And now here are some more images of “all horizontal:”

An artist’s rendering, but we get the idea:

We’d love your input!

(Photo credit for “some horizontal and some vertical” #1, #2: here; #3: here; #4: here; #5: here; “All Horizontal” #1, #2: here; #3: here; #4: here; #5: here)

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