Twisty Tie (and a little elbow grease) to the Rescue

Before I get into today’s main project, which uses absolutely nothing but this little household gem:

I wanted to show you a quick bit of rearranging we did in our upstairs master bedroom! Sometimes I just get to the point where I need to move furniture around…There’s something really energizing about waking up to a new perspective each morning – Call me crazy, but it literally makes me excited for the day to know that I have a newly arranged room in the house. Can’t explain it, but maybe some of you other OCD ladies/men can agree with me!! Here’s hoping at least 🙂

Anyway, originally the bed sat against this wall here:

But now, here’s a new photo from the same perspective – We switched the bed with a little seating area I had set up alongside the bed.

To orient you a bit, here’s an older photo of the seating area as it was before the switch:

And now, here’s that same wall today: (although the camera is now angled towards the right rather than the left…sorry if this is totally confusing)

My revamped night stand also went along with the rearrangement, ending up on my side of the bed again. See that project unfold here!

My sister once told me that your bed should never be the first thing you see when you walk into the room. As you can see from the photo below, the newly situated seating area is now the main focal point from the staircase – I guess we are now following proper bedroom arrangement etiquette! Phew 🙂 (feel free to ignore Luna-the-cat’s toy fish on the carpet)

But back to this little guy…

So here’s the issue…Arrant, deadly blinds strings are driving me up a wall! Now you may be thinking to yourself “Deadly? Isn’t that a bit dramatic?” but if you have kids (or “kids” in quotes, i.e. pets) you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

As you can see, I’ve rigged the long thin strings into the curve of the curtain rod hardware so as to keep them out of the way. If I were to let them fall loose, like so…

This is what happens…

One of our three animals is bound to get curious and start batting around the loose strings. This to a paranoid “mother” of two cats and one dog is enough to lose sleep over. So, until now, the blinds strings have been living in an unsightly mass at the end of the curtain rod in every single room of our house.

All I did to fix this problem was wrap the strings around my hand until there was no slack left. Then I gently slid my hand out, clamped the clean, untangled loop of strings together in the middle and twisted on a white twisty tie that I stole from our loaf of bread – Easy as that!

I’ve only done this trick to the one window in our house (gotta get more loaves of bread to collect the ties), but you can bet your bippy that I’m going to go through the entire house to make sure all the strings are put up and away from curious paws and guests’ eyes.

But we aren’t done yet…Since I was already up and intimate with the bedroom window curtain rod, I went ahead and tackled one other to-do item that’s been high on my list. For whatever reason, the curtain rod was initially hung with a distinct upward trend towards the right side. Since that day of careless hardware install (don’t know where my mind was when we hung them), the obviously uneven curtains have been bugging me to no end. It’s probably not easy to see in this TERRIBLY-lit photo (someone please remind me not to take photos of a window treatment in direct afternoon sunlight!) but the rod is definitely “off.”

I should show you just how badly askew the curtain rod was…Here’s the “bad” side, hung a bit too high and a bit too far from the window frame:

And here’s the “good” side at a nice, reasonable high-and-wide distance from the window:

All it took for this project was a screw driver and some elbow grease! Unfortunately, I uncovered some unsightly anchor hardware…Still need to take care of that. But the right-hand rod hardware is now nice and even with the opposite side. Hallelujah!!!

MUCH straighter…(And no more unsightly wad of stringage to look at on the right thanks to Mr. Twisty Tie!!)

The heavenly glow of the afternoon sun through the white curtains is pretty much exactly how joyful I am now that the curtains are straight and our pets are safe from harm’s way…It’s the little things in life.

What were you guys up to this weekend? Take care of any projects you’ve been meaning to get done like us? We’d love to hear from you!

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