Pinspiration Monday: Felt floral wreath

I’ve been wanting to do this project forever…A sweet little wreath with felt flowers and materials that will stand the test of time, season after season. What’s not to love?

Source: Armelle the Blog

I’ve also been faced with a tiny problem – Our front door looks into the onslaught of the afternoon sun, so all of the seasonal wreaths I’ve crafted in the past with hot glue melt to pieces (literally) in the heat. The goal was to create a new wreath without using any kind of hot glue. Luckily, I was able to avoid it with the help of a staple gun for this project.


  • hay wreath form (with plastic wrap still on)
  • fabric to wrap it with
  • several different colors of felt
  • staple gun and staples
  • scissors
  • pen

So the first thing I did was lay out my wreath – The reason I left the plastic on was to keep all of that hay in place. I didn’t want any of it sneaking through the fabric wrapping in the end. Instead of a hay wreath, you could try a green foam one, but I liked the natural quality (and sweet, farm-like scent) of the hay.

Next I pulled some leftover fabric (from this project) and cut it into a long strip. Then I cut the long strip in half, making two thin ones about three inches thick.

Then I just started wrapping! Every now and then I would put a staple through the fabric into the wreath form, but I wrapped it tightly enough, that a multitude of staples weren’t entirely necessary. Oh and don’t worry about the staples showing – I just stapled a layer and then covered it with the next wrap of my fabric.

The last wrap got a slew of visible staples, but I made sure they were on the back side of the wreath so that nobody would see. After trimming the excess fabric, I was done.

Sure, there are a bunch of little “furries” left from the ragged edge of the fabric, but I don’t mind them – I feel like it gives it an organic feel. I could always snip them off if I decide against that look in the future though…

Next, I made my little bouquet of felt flowers. I picked up three colors I think went nicely together – A hot pink, gray-ish blue and mustard yellow.

Starting with the yellow, I used a pen to draw a tiny flower shape and then cut it out. After that, I placed the small cut out on a clean section of the yellow felt and traced a slightly larger flower. I repeated the steps until I had three progressively larger flower shapes so that, when stacked, it looked like a full bloom.


Using the templates I made, I traced as many as I could fit on the felt and then got to cutting. After repeating the same steps for all three colors of felt, I was left with three flowers of each color.

Almost finished!

After laying them on my wrapped wreath in a little cluster on the side, I used my staple gun to make sure everything stayed in place – One staple into the center of each flower. I used the staple gun because, again, I was hoping to avoid a hot glue gun. But if you don’t need to worry about that, then by all means break it out! I actually don’t mind the look of the staples, but I might eventually pick up a pack of decorative floral arrangement pins (like the ones with pretty pearls on the end) to push into the center of my felt flowers.

Here’s the finished wreath with stapled flowers – I love how the edges of the petals sort of peek up with the staple pressed into the middle.

Here it is hanging proudly on our front door to greet visitors:

And if you’re wondering about cost, this project was cheap, cheap cheap! Only a little over $10.

I suppose it’s a little funny to make a floral wreath in the winter season (especially since we actually got five inches of snow last night – FINALLY), but flowers make me smile, no matter what the season. That’s good enough reason for me to break the norm.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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