Easiest tabletop styling ever

Want to see the absolute, easiest-in-the-world styling tip ever? More than likely, you already have the supplies in-house, making this project (if you can even call it that since it’s so easy) cost-free. If you have a lamp and a collection of big hardback books, then you are ready to turn what might be a slightly “blah” surface into an interesting and colorful vignette.

Here is my lamp before – It sat alongside one of my thrift store clocks on top of a wooden shelf that holds our collection of records. The bright base of the lamp gives the surface a little bit of punch and character, but it definitely needed something more…

To remedy the issue, I took three oversized hardback books that I already owned and stacked them beneath the lamp and clock. I did my best to track down the most colorful books I had and lucked out with a collection of three that featured bold fonts and coordinating colors.

You might notice that the books are home-related resources, all of which I would highly recommend if you don’t already have them on your bookshelf.

First, we have The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, a book that I have read from cover to cover. It’s full of helpful tips on how to keep your home beautiful, organized and environmentally friendly, all while looking hip and stylish along the way. I learned how to make my own drain de-clogger to avoid pouring harsh chemicals down the sink and bathtub, I learned the basics of canning and I even snagged a few DIY how-to’s along the way.

Next, there’s Sania Pell’s The Homemade Home. This is one of those books that I like to flip through and gaze longingly at the photography. There are tons of fun DIY projects to try out and beautiful spaces styled with nothing but flea market finds and heirloom pieces. If you buy this book for nothing but the photography, you won’t be let down. Speaking of, I highly recommend subscribing to Sania’s blog for the same reason.

And lastly, we all know of Grace Bonney’s Design Sponge at Home – I got my copy for Christmas and love digging deep into the tutorials, soaking up ideas from the featured spaces and just all around getting inspired. A must-have for any home maven on a mission. The bright colors and patterns of the cover and spine don’t hurt either.

So there you have it! The easiest styling tip I could ever impart to you. But what may be easy does not in the least lack in punch, personality and pizzazz (alliteration intended).

Have a great day!

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