My brand spankin’ new chair

You probably know better than anyone that I am all about the thriftiest purchases. It’s rare that I hit up a big box store for the things we need in our home. Instead, I comb local thrift and estate stores until I find just the right piece to compliment our style. For instance, I am currently on the hunt for a brass and glass bar cart and an authentic midcentury chair, both for the living room. It might take more time, but the sense of satisfaction I get when I stumble upon it amongst piles of dusty second-hand furniture is priceless.

That being said, I have completely gone against my own grain. Instead of waiting for the perfect find, I was so drawn to a brand new piece, that I went for it. Nearly $400 later, our sunny teal living room was united with the perfect arm-chair.

I first caught sight of my latest furniture infatuation via Pinterest (of course). After seeing a pin featuring this gorgeous cream and yellow upholstered chair, I was hooked. I immediately followed along to the original link and was even further obsessed. The chair was featured in the home tour of Jess Constable, Jess LC. Do yourself a favor and click both of those links – Her space is lovely, full of affordable accessories and do-it-yourself projects, and her blog is a new daily read for me. I was incredibly inspired, so much so that I went ahead and bought my own version of her yellow statement chair, originating from none other than (P.S. It’s now close to $50 cheaper then when I bought it, so step on it if you’re interested…). I knew the warm yellow would be a perfect complement to our stencil wall, plus the midcentury vibe of the wooden legs and button detail in the cushions would perfectly match our home’s style.

Click went my mouse after a few moments of hesitant anxiety over the cost – In the end I’m so glad that I did. Several weeks later, we found a rather large package at our front door – On Valentine’s Day, no less! I actually wasn’t around for the assembly of this piece – My sweet and thoughtful fiance put it together for me as a V-Day gift. Since I wasn’t around, I couldn’t document the assembly, but John took some progress photos of the process to keep you guys in-the-know.

Here she is all done!

And here are the photos I took once I got home and had a chance to style the room.

I’m positive at this point that the lot of you have noticed the issue…Where’s Waldo? Or, in this case, where’s the bright yellow patterned chair against the bright yellow patterned wall?? As much as I wanted the new chair to sit against the feature wall and be the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, there was no way it could stay there with all the camouflaged blending going on.

I had two options:

  1. Repaint my beloved stencil wall with a neutral color and keep the chair front and center where I wanted her.
  2. Leave my beloved stencil wall as is and put the chair in a less conspicuous corner of the room.
In the end, I just couldn’t touch my stencil wall – I love it way too much to get rid of it. So instead, I switched the location of my mod office chairs with the new upholstered chair. Unfortunately, I wasn’t digging the look of both office chairs against the stencil wall, so one got the boot (any interested locals want a VERY comfortable leather office chair?? Hit me up). Here’s what we were left with in the end – Although not ideal, I am so in love with the extra pattern, color and softness the chair brings the living room.

(See the displaced office chair in the left-hand edge of the photo below?)

The room is really starting to feel finished…Just a few more tweeks to go before we can focus on finishing the rest of the house.

  • New accessory pillows to match the mod vibe that has emerged since we bought them (I am crushing on these from Etsy)
  • Something to cover those awful exposed wires by the record shelf (seen 7 photos up)
  • Addition of the thrift store items I mentioned at the beginning of this post
  • I’d really like a larger rug – Contemplating a neutral, inexpensive rug with a wider square footage layered underneath our shag rug to create a visual illusion

So what do you think?

P.S. It’s my mommy’s birthday today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM! Can’t wait to celebrate tonight 🙂

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