Pinspiration Monday: Brass bed

I must sincerely apologize if this blog post is (#1) much shorter and to-the-point today, and (#2) slightly erratic. Whether it was the fabulous, ubber-girlie bachelorette party my dear girlfriends threw for me over the weekend or this DARN time change, I am absolutely exhausted this morning. It’s a miracle I’m posting at all!

Okay, mini selfish pitty party over and on to the good stuff…

So. You all know that I am crushing hard core on brass right now (as evidenced here). I just love that extra glint of rich warmth brass gives a space – Balance is obviously key as we all know how brass can easily turn “bad,” but when done right it can be soooooo good. One thing I’ve really been craving is a brass bed, as you can see from this recent pin on my Pinterest board:

Source: The Blooming Hydrangea

Yum – LOVE that pop of rustic gold. I decided to go in search of a twin bed brass headboard for the bed in our studio guest room. The one in there has been in our family for a looooooong time and just screams “child’s room” to me. There are no children in our immediate future, and this room is a beloved adult getaway space for me and I wanted it to read “sophisticated feminine” instead of “kid-y.”

With a look in mind, John and I made a quick trip to our favorite local estate shop and I was able to pick up the perfect brass headboard for only $25! It didn’t come with a foot board or an actual mattress frame, but I knew I could use a plain metal mattress frame and just sandwich the thrifted brass headboard between the bed and wall.

And here’s the bed with its new crown of brass…

After giving the new set up a long hard look, I decided that I loved the brass headboard but that the bed space still looked a bit adolescent for my tastes. Maybe it was the combination of the bold flowery fabric and canary yellow bedspread, but I just felt like it needed to be a little less match-matchy.

So I took my beloved wrapped canvas art down and put it in storage for future hanging, and instead filled the space with a few pieces of random art for a more ecelctic look. I also folded the yellow blanket to the foot of the bed and covered the rest with a pretty quilt my aunt gave me as a gift. I think the look is much more subdued and mature. I can definitely understand if it’s not everyone’s taste, but having lived with it like this for a week or so, I am falling more and more in love with it every day.

Here’s a look back to what the bed looked like before, with its wooden bed frame – And then afterwards, with new spontaneous art, brass headboard and colorful, vintage bed coverings.

What do you guys think?

Hope you have a good Monday and are faring a bit better than I am with this time change nonsense! I do appreciate the lighter/brighter evenings…

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