Simple card art

This year for Valentine’s Day, John and I decided to save a little moolah by forgoing a gift exchange. Instead, we simply swapped cards to express our L-O-V-E for one another. After getting a brilliant recommendation from a blog (one I have since forgotten the name of and can’t link to…kicking myself) I went ahead and purchased this little beauty to give to my beloved:

Simple. To the point. Perfection.

It originated from My Little Buffalo Design – Affordable and oh-so-cute, the assortment of cards and art listed on this Etsy shop are worth your time even if you just gaze longingly at them…

But I digress. So after writing a little something special inside the blank card and giving it to John the morning of February 14th, I decided that I wasn’t done with it yet. While John isn’t the type of guy to toss my cards in the trash after reading them, I knew I wanted to put it on display rather than let it be put in a box for safe-keeping.

Enter one of the extra painted frames that we recently made over for the wedding:

This fun, punchy yellow frame was the perfect little place to memorialize the card. All I did was cut a piece of white computer paper to fit in the back of the frame since the card was a bit smaller than true 4×6 dimensions. I layered the card on top, put it behind the glass and tucked it all inside the frame – Voila!

I love the combination of the rose-colored text against the pale yellow frame – Pastel hues are sooooo pretty together. The perfect way to celebrate my Valentine and how we really do go together like bread and butter…

UPDATE: Right as I was heading off for wedding weekend, I grabbed this little framed card thinking it might be a sweet addition to our favors/gift table. It worked like a charm!

Photo credit: Kate StoopPhotography

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