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I am a coral fan for life. In fact, I just happened to look down at myself as I sit at my computer to see that I have on a coral cardigan, a pair of coral flats and a coral flower pinned to my sweater. There’s something so peppy and sweet about the color – It can be bold, but also soft and almost neutral in certain light. It plays very nicely with all the other colors too. We’ve obviously seen it all over the place this summer alongside mint, but it also goes well with yellow, blue, gray and even white, as we can see in today’s “All in the details” feature. This bathroom is so fresh and spunky. Let’s chat specifics…


When you get down to it, there really isn’t all that much coral in the space where square footage is concerned. From the angle in this photo, there’s only a small swatch of it behind the mirror and sconces (but let’s assume that it’s above the molding across the rest of the space behind the camera). It just goes to show how a little can go a long way. The pop of saturated orange-meets-pink color is just enough to wake you up in the morning, energize you for a night out on the town and, in nighttime darkness, it’s enough to calm you way down. Such a sweet color.


The white and chrome fixtures, wall covers, moldings and tile are a great place to rest your senses after taking in the pop of coral. The metallic touches add a little luxury to the space (especially in those fabulous wall sconces), while the tile, although simple and probably pretty inexpensive, gives the room this great custom, vintage vibe. Do I even need to point out the awesome two-tone sink? Perfection. And the black is a great way to ground the color scheme.


There’s not a TON of styling in this room, but it doesn’t really need it. I think, when it comes to bathrooms (and kitchens, for that matter), styling really should be kept to a minimum since it’s such a utilitarian space – This is one piece of advice that I need to keep reminding MYSELF of, since I tend to over style things. A blue striped rug at the sink, a tiny vase with a single bloom, a pink cup for toothbrushes and even a little pile of legos are all this bathroom needs to make it “lived in” instead of just for “looking at.” Again, a little goes a long way…

What are YOUR favorite details? Any suggestions on how we could achieve this look at home?

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