Sippin’ through some snazzy straws

So, I don’t think it’s anybody’s secret that bar carts are a bit of a “thing” these days. I am all for it, as evidenced by the sweet little brass and glass set up we have in our living room. But there was one tiny detail that I had been coveting ever since seeing them grace the carts of Camille Styles and Catherine Sheppard. I’m not talking about vintage decanters and aging bottles of fine liquore. I’m talking about those little glass jars of striped straws. Yes, it’s a little frivilous, but that tiny touch of pattern and color was more than I could say “no” to.





I actually ordered my little $6 box of Kikkerland striped paper straws from ebay  (get yours here), and couldn’t be happier about the purchase. The box is PACKED to the brim, so I know we won’t be running out of them anytime soon.

Again, it’s definitely a small impact, but I notice it every time I walk by and it makes me smile. I suppose it’s sort of like that laaaaasssst little accessory to make the “outfit” just right.

And I didn’t go out and spend money on a new vase or glass for them – All I did was slip them into an extra mason jar (left over from our wedding centerpieces) and I was done!

Simple. Cheap. Cute. My kinda quick update…

Have a great weekend!

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