Bathroom makeover reveal

As mentioned on Monday, our second full bath in the studio got a bit of a facelift thanks to new paint, newly refreshed shelves and a couple other little upgrades that I’ll get into in more detail today (and Friday). First, the dreaded “Before” shots…As I mentioned earlier in the week, this room isn’t an easy one to photograph – No windows and therefore no natural light is a photographer’s (i.e. this amateur blogger’s) nightmare. That said, feast your eyes on THIS mess…

Halfhearted attempt at “art” (with a big hole on the one side where I swiped one framed piece for another space in the house), awful beige color on the walls and a slightly childish shower curtain. About that last one…Ya’ll know I used to be obsessed with owls. I still am – Don’t get me wrong. But even I know when I’ve reached my lifetime quota. This shower curtain was an impulse purchase from an online ModCloth sale. I still think it’s adorable, but definitely more appropriate for a future nursery as opposed to my husband’s main area for primping every day.

Time for an upgrade.

Again, I apologize for the photography, but I’m sure you can see how the new gray wall color saves the space from being another basic townhouse bathroom. It had zero character before, but now with the redone shelves and continuation of the household color scheme of gray, yellow and mint/teal, it just makes SENSE. It feels more “us” and I think John is pleased that it’s now a little more masculine and a little more mature.

Sorry for the full view inside the shower stall…I guess that’s what happens when you’re too tired from painting and rushing to sprawl out on the couch (for the next 3 days). But no excuses…Shaaaaaame on me.

Anyway, my favorite DIY project is pictured in that photo above – It’s a new magazine rack that I put together for John, but I won’t be sharing the COMPLETE low down on that until Friday. You’ll definitely want to check back in for that.

As for that nursery-friendly curtain? It’s found its way to storage and, in its place, I hung this fresh new white waffle curtain complete with fancy new silver shower curtain rings. The whole room feels almost hotel-like, which is always an unspoken goal for me.

As for a budget breakdown, here are the details:

  • Gallon of paint – FREE (mom gave it me from her reject pile)
  • Redone DIY shelf project – $2 (see details here)
  • DIY magazine rack – $10
  • New shower curtain, fabric liner and silver curtain rings: $25
  • TOTAL – $37

Sort of funny that the shower curtain package ended up being the most expensive part of the redo, but I think it had a big impact in making the space feel more grown up. This was our last room to do any major redecorating, so I’m glad to be able to call it finished. I definitely find myself wandering into John’s bathroom more often now that it’s pretty…

What rooms have you guys been overhauling lately? Share your links!

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