All in the details…

Source | The Prep Heritage

Talk about luxury. This room is stunning – From the antique furniture and accessories, to the brass finishes and architecture. I’m in love, and I didn’t even know what hit me (you guys may have caught on by now that my style leans a bit more to the mod and contemporary rather than the traditional). The combination of red, white and blue with brass and honey tones gives this space an all-over classic feel that’s really kind of impossible to dislike. Let’s talk specifics…


Although I’d have to say that this space is anything BUT a budget room, there is one piece that jumped out to me as being DIY-friendly. That being the art above the sofa. It seems to me that it could easily be recreated with an oversized white canvas (save those coupons for bigger craft store purchases like these!) and a permanent marker. Pick a favorite song, poem or even just your own Best-Seller-worthy words to scrawl across the canvas for a custom piece of art all your own.


Elegant lines, luxe velvety fabrics and antiqued finishes combine for one schnazzy look. I love the progression of styles here too – The coral-covered stools ooze the traditional look, while the sofa is traditional in line but fairly contemporary in color and finally, those two accent chairs on the far edge give me more of a midcentury feeling then tradiational. The nod to modern design is subtle, but it’s there.


Brass…Looking good today, friend. Just image if the designer/homeowner had gone with silver or brushed nickel finishes in the chandelier, lamps and curtain rods. They would have blended right in, whereas the brass is a neutral pop that also acts as a beautiful frame for the rest of the space.

What are your favorite details?

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