One Word: Eiffel

No, I’m not here today to gush over a monumental installation in the heart of a little city called Paris. The “Eiffel” I’m referring to is merely in the form of a chair dreamed up by Charles Eames. That quintessential midcentury profile and design are utterly irresistible for me, as evidenced by the two reproductions that have taken up residence in our very own living room. I can’t wait to order an entire set for the dining room in our next home (along with my hypothetical, yet-to-be-purchased Danish modern dining table). Whether you’re a lover of the modern or of the traditional, I hope you can appreciate the simplicity and contemporary elegance of these artful chairs. I for one just can’t get enough…

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P.S. I somehow missed reminding you guys to click over to Burlap+Blue for my latest contributor post – It’s all about the beautiful, wonderful world of Etsy and what artisans have to offer for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Hope you enjoy!

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