Pinspiration Monday: Velcro, no-slide utensil boxes

There is one thing in our kitchen that drives me absolutely bonkers – Every single time I open our utensil drawer, the three boxes we have for silverware slide every which way. I know that I can’t be alone in this. Right? Maybe it’s just my general obsessive compulsive personality, but every time I open that particular drawer to find the boxes all wonky and out of line, I mentally cringe.

As always, thank God for Pinterest. Before catching sight of the photo below, I hadn’t even CONSIDERED that the situation could be remedied in some way. I’m not entirely sure why though, since the solution seems to be based on good ol’ fashioned common sense.

Source | Kuzak’s Closet

As you can see, the idea is to use little round tabs of velcro to keep drawer-tucked boxes in place. While the Pinterest example is being utilized in a bathroom, I knew that it could easily be adapted to suit my own particular issue in the kitchen.

Time to unveil the “bad” and the “ugly” that was our utensil drawer…

Clearly the boxes aren’t actually lined up as they should be, yet that’s not even the worst part. It’s when one of us opened the drawer to get something and the inevitable CRASH of those lovely bamboo boxes smashing the rest of the kitchen tools into the back of the drawer as they slid forward. And I promise that we don’t whip open the drawer with any strength. I think it simply had to do with basic laws of motion – Our heavy utensils easily propelled the boxes forward of their own accord.

So off I went to the store for my project weapon of choice – Multi-purpose velcro tabs.

Unfortunately, not three minutes into the project I ran into an issue. You can probably tell from the photo below that the bottom of our utensil boxes is a little inset when the box is flipped upside down. There was no hope that my thin little velcro dots would be able to connect with the drawer surface if I were to stick them to the bottom of the utensil boxes by themselves.

My solution? I grabbed a felt pad that I had on hand and stuck that to the utensil box FIRST to give the velcro dot a bit of a vertical boost. Miraculously, it worked like a charm.

To match the location of the corresponding velcro dot that would sit on the surface of the drawer bottom, I stuck it right on top of the first velcro dot already on the bottom of the utensil box. That way, when I carefully lowered the box in place and pressed firmly, the exposed sticky side of the corresponding dot stuck itself in place on the drawer.

Now the boxes don’t move a CENTIMETER and I have all but forgotten the catastrophic drawer collisions that once were.

Hope you find this little tidbit as useful as I did – Do you have any other genius velcro uses up your sleeve?

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