Our front door gets “Holiday-ed”

With the Christmas holiday upon us (like, RIGHT upon us – boy, Decemeber is flying by…), it was time yet again to switch up our front door decor. Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. You may remember our harvest month arrangement, when we added a DIY wreath, some potted mums, a new, more durable welcome mat and even a shiny new brass kick plate, just for…well, kicks.


Oh, and I finally did learn not to shoot the reflective door straight on, as you’ll see later on in this post…For now, please excuse my pajamas.

For our door’s Christmasy garb, I started by replacing the potted plants, opting for miniature evergreens this time. Let me tell you though, these babies weren’t as cheap as I had been hoping. They were about $8 each – I had been hoping for half that. But if they last as long as evergreens should, then I’ll forgive the high cost in lieu of longevity. Even with just this one switch, our front stoop was already looking far more appropriate for the holidays.


But then things kind of hit a wall. I happened to mention the update to my mom, who proceeded to tell me that my terracotta pots weren’t likely to last through winter’s chill. As she explained, wet terracotta pots have the tendancy to expand and crack when cold, so I ran to the hardware store for two plastic look-a-likes at just a couple bucks each.




Five minutes later and we were golden, albeit covered in red welts from those tricky pine needles.

Before calling the entire switcharoo “done,” I had one last to-do list item: a wreath. Luckily, I had one in the basement that was more than good enough for me. I made it several years ago for my old apartment, using a plain greenery wreath and some ornaments. I also popped a little owl on there too for good measure. Can never have enough for them, right?



Don’t you just love how inexpensive and simple it is to update a front door for each season? I never spend more than $20 each time (and that number is dwindling more and more each year as I accumulate seasonal decor in storage). Not to mention it’s one of the few ways we are able to personalize our home since there are about a dozen others exactly like it on our block. When I pull up to this scene each day, I know I’m home.


Hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season!

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