Pinspiration Monday: Bowl o’ Ornaments

One week to go! Can you believe it? I’m more than a little blown away that Christmas is already within reach. Lucky for us, John and I started our Christmas shopping back in October, so we were able to relax this month (for the most part) while everyone around us was a-bustling.

Although shopping was the least of my worries this year, I somehow started to stress over decor – This is the first time I’ve ever given any attention to holiday decorations beyond the tree, but it was actually a lot of fun. There is so much amazing inspiration out there and I was able to find my own groove and style, with a little help from Pinterest of course…

194288171396221941_lwnysuyv_cSource | Beauty and Bedlam

Speaking of, the pin above was just too cute to ignore. Pretty blue ornaments in a bowl – What could be easier than that? You may have caught a sneak peek via Instagram of the hurricane glasses I ended up using as my vessels. I first caught sight of them in the clearance section at our nearest craft store while in search of other Christmasy crafts (to be disclosed later on in the week). They were each 50% off, costing less than $10 each – A pretty good deal I thought, considering how similar they look to these $27 mercury-faced beauties at West Elm.


I had initially planned on using them as designed with pillar candles, but after seeing the Pinterest image a couple photos up, I changed my mind. So the following weekend, John and I made a Target run and I was able to pick up a package of miniature blue ornaments, as well as a little extra garland as a base. Not only did I really love the blue ornaments in my inspiration image, but the color really “went” with the rest of the room as a whole. Our living room is largely centered on a blue and yellow color scheme, so pairing the blue ornaments with a few other holiday-appropriate accessories in yellow, helped to tie the seasonal decor in with our everyday style.

Here’s another little sneak peek I dropped on Instagram to wet your whistle.


And here’s the set up today…Oh, and to let you all in on a little secret. It may LOOK like the hurricanes are filled to the brim with the mini ornaments, but I actually filled them with white wadded up tissue paper first before adding the ornaments on top. By cheating a bit, I spent only $5 on extra ornaments instead of $20. It will also help with storage since I’ll only have to box up two handfuls of new ornaments rather than an arm load.






See? You can hardly tell my little shortcut right? All in all, I’m so pleased with how the table turned out. As I said, this is my very first attempt to style anything for the holidays and, I must say, it’s made me excited to take on the challenge again soon. New Years, anyone?

Oh, and in case you missed the tutorial on those tabletop glittery Christmas trees, here’s that link again from last week.


Happy holidays!

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