Everyday Winter Tablescape for under $50

So I think we all have something that we WISH we could do perfectly when it comes to home projects – Painting, organizing, woodworking. My “one thing” is styling a tabletop. I see gorgeous party spreads every single day and wish that I could recreate them. Each is complete with layered pattern, a gorgeous centerpiece and impecabbly styled napkins, glasses and dishware.

Well I’m happy to report that the unofficial research phase of this challenge is finally complete, and I’m ready to share my own first ever attempt – No, it’s not elaborate and it’s DEFINITELY not expensive, but it sure makes dinner more of an event.



I started with the chargers. These gleaming gold, wood grain embossed beauties came from Target and only cost $1.99 each. As soon as I layered them beneath our everyday white dishes, the table started to feel a little fancier. Next, I purchased a set of white linen napkins from Bed Bath & Beyond – a set of 12 cost me only $9.99. To go with them, I also picked up 4 gold napkin rings, which pick up the metallics in the chargers. Those only cost $2.99 a piece. So far, that takes us up to a grand total of $29.91.



As for the floral centerpiece…Shhh – Don’t tell, but it’s a fake. I grabbed the bronze plated tin bowl ($3.99) from our local craft store, and filled it with a $1 piece of floral foam. Then I spent about twenty minutes in the silk flower section trying to decide between color or neutral, multiple flowers or one. My other goal was to find the most ALIVE looking stem I could. In the end, I chose a simple white hydrangea. I like the fullness of it and the white color lends a wintery look to the tablescape without feeling too Christmasy – I’m trying to make this look last throughout the entire winter season, afterall. I’m sure if you get up close, you can tell that this little lady is a fraud, but I think the table would look pretty forlorn without her too. At $3.95 for the single stem, that takes our total up to $38.85.

Last but absolutely, POSITIVELY not least, you may have noticed a new collection of stemware. These gorgeous gold rimmed glasses came from our favorite estate store in town. I actually Instagramed them a couple of weeks ago in lust, but decided to pass on them. Days and days went by though, and I could NOT get them out of my mind. Just look at them – Would you have been able to?


Eventually, I made the decision to go back for them – I’ve had the same set of glasses for the last four years and they came from Pier One. Great for my life as a bachelorette, but I could use an upgrade now that we plan to entertain more often. I told myself if they were no longer at the store, then it was a sign that they weren’t meant to be. Yet, after making a bee line to the cabinet this past Saturday, I was elated to find them still there. $80 later (after talking the shop owner down $15), I came home with 12 wine glasses and 10 champagne glasses. Hallelujah.


They are easily my favorite part of our table’s new “outfit,” and act as the perfect finishing touch. So, at about $3.64 a glass, that makes our grand total for the entire table overhaul $42.49. Under $50 and all of these pieces will last for years and years to come.


Brunch, anyone?

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