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Me and Emily Henderson? We are like THIS. At least in my fan-crazed mind. It’s no secret that I’m a little bit obsessed with her styling prowess – Each time I fall head over heels for a room on Pinterest, chances are that it’s by Emily. Today’s “All in the details…” space is no different. She has inspired me to consider going a little bit out of my comfort zone when it comes to holiday decor. I may have largely missed the boat this time, but here’s to next year!



Anyone who breaks away from the red and green Christmas time stigma is a friend of mine. Truth be told, this is actually the space (and article – check that link above to Glitter Guide’s spot on feature) that inspired me to whip together my yellow and teal Christmas tabletop. As long as the basic textures and forms are in place, like ornaments, stockings, garland, metallics, I think that any color really will do. Which is why this space says “holiday” without looking like the toy department after Buddy the elf does his thing.



I love the pops of brass throughout this space – In the sconces, in the ornaments and, of course, in that gorgeous brass reindeer nestled into the fireplace. If I read the article correctly, Emily even painted the interior of the none-functioning electric fireplace that beautiful deep navy just for this winter-scape. Luckily, it’ll be gorgeous anytime of year well after the holiday decor gets boxed up.


Quick Tips

If we tried to recreate this look in our own homes, it wouldn’t take much in either the effort or the finances department. A set of velour stockings, a package of faux snow, an armful of ornaments and a couple of gift boxes and bows for good measure. Done! A very festive, VERY colorful mantle display fit for Christmas.

What are your favorite details?

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