Wrapping up 2012

This year more than any, I put some real thought into my Christmas gift wrapping. There is just too much inspiration out there (ahem, Pinterest) to NOT attempt a little extra effort. Now that said, I’m never willing to give up on my general quest to spend as little money as possible, so the supplies that I ended up using were either cheap as cheap can be or were materials that I already had on hand.


My list was composed of two simple things: plain brown paper and washi tape. I liked the idea of a simple neutral brown base with pops of color and pattern on top. I wasn’t satisfied with just one type of Japanese tape, though – I grabbed my entire collection and went to town crossing them over and under one another.



When I snuck those two peaks above via Instagram, I mentioned that I wasn’t quite finished yet. As is often the norm with my sometimes overzealous imagination, I considered things like bows, live garland and glitter. But, like other once-grandly planned projects around the house that really SHOULDN’T be, I eventually concluded that they were perfect just the way they were.



As for all of the impecable wrapping, I can’t take any credit – My sister is a wrapping PRO. Having once interned at Colonial Williamsburg around the holiday season, she learned the art of seamless wrapping. Lucky for me, she was more than happy to show off her talent.


I can’t wait to cart all of these beautiful boxes over to our family’s houses on Tuesday morning – How did you wrap your gifts this year?

P.S. I’m over on Glitter Guide this morning talking about Holiday DIY projects too cute not to try!


Source | Studio DIY

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