All in the details…

White box office

If you’ve been following along for any amount of time, then you may know about my personal quest to accept white. Our home is very colorful – A deep gray bedroom, teal living room, a yellow stenciled feature wall, three different colors currently living it up in the kitchen ALONE. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and it feels very “us,” but any more and it’d turn into the equivalent of a carnival house (slight exageration). I think in our next home, I plan on utilizing white more often.

Take today’s “All in the details” room for example. I think we all can agree that this is a colorful space, but I actually JUST now realized when I sat down to write this post that the walls are white. Mind = blown. I’m more than happy to take a cue from this successful space.

1…I love the lighting. It’s sculptural and packs a lot of personality, but it doesn’t overwhelm the space because the white color helps it blend in just enough. If you find a really cool light fixture but think that the shape is maybe a TAD wild for your home’s look, try taking some white spray paint to it. It may help tone things down enough for it to live happily among your existing fixtures.

2…Loving the patterned curtains. I just recently picked up on a fun and inexpensive twist on curtains and this room reminded me to mention it. Tapestries can easily become curtains simply by attaching store bought curtain ring clips. Use what you have, people! I love those lightbulb moments…

3…By stickying with monochromatic white boxes for office storage, it makes for one stricking wall of organized bliss. With the amount of photos and notes I take, both at home, at work and for my freelancing, I could stand to employ this system.

What are your favorite details?

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