Help me pick my new Warby-Parker frames

Warby Parker trial

Marshall ( in Rum Cherry) | Langston (in Amber) | Edison (in Brushed Platinum) | Reece (in Sandalwood Matte) | Not pictured: Nedwin ( in Amber)

Have you guys heard of Warby Parker? To begin with, I am not being paid or perked in any way to share this product. I am literally SO blown away by this brand that you couldn’t stop me from screaming how freaking fabulous they are from the rooftops. Since I don’t happen to have rooftop access in our townhouse, I shall simply sing their praises right here on my humble little blog.

So it all began with the need for glasses about a year ago. The ones I bought way back when and currently use everyday when at the computer are cute, but they’re not THE most flattering shape. Picture me in my elderly optometrist’s office, timidly trying on pair after pair. Let’s just say that forcing my sweet male eye doctor all around the office as I attempted to choose a flattering set of frames did not a comfortable situation make. The last straw was when I made the mistake of asking “Do you have any pink frames?” In my head, I was picturing a stylish coral color, but he came back from the storeroom with a pair of hot pink bedazzled frames encrusted with plastic gems. Needless to say, I picked a pair fast (after gently shaking my head to the hot pink number) and got the hell out of there.

Less than a year later, I am itching to find a pair of glasses that I REALLY love, and also that really love me. So I turned to Warby Parker.



Get this people. You hop over to their site, choose your top five frames and they mail them to you (for free), and then you have 5 whole days to gawk at yourself in the mirror and ultimately choose the p-e-r-f-e-c-t pair. Once you pick “the one,” you wrap up the samples and ship those back (again for free).

Now the real deal frames aren’t exactly free, but my budget could easily absorb the $100 (on average) cost for Warby Parker’s fabulous designer wares. Oh, and they’ll even call your doctor for you to get your prescription! Seriously, it can’t get better than that, folks.

So. You’ve seen my goofy mug up there at the top of this post four times over – Any thoughts on a final decision? I know that the Marshall isn’t for me. I just can’t pull off those big rounded frames. I like the Langston a lot, but they look an awful lot like the frames I have now. The Edison I feel may be a touch too “nerd” for me – I’m positive some hipster cool chick can pull them off, but can I? As for the Reece, I’m loving that matte, subdued color.

Let me have it with your opinions!

P.S. Nedwin didn’t make it into the photo shoot because it was WAY too similar to the Langston frames. But they are still cute as a button despite that. The jury is still out on whether or not they are cute as a button on ME though…Decisions, decisions…

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