A new stool for the studio

It may seem trivial, but I have been close to desperate for a new stool to put at my drafting table. How long has this desperation been going on? Oh…Just for the last 2 YEARS. I have no excuse as to why it took me so long to just buy the dern thing. I think it had something to do with the assumed cost. My dream was a nice, cushy adjustable stool that was, of course, easy on the eyes. This to me seemed like a tall order, at least for less than $100. To catch you up though, for the last several years I’ve either stood by the desk, or sat (uncomfortably) on a fixed bar height wooden stool. We were definitely hurting for some style and some functionality.


But this story has a good ending…I am happy to say that I suffer no more and am now able to perch myself on one beauty of a stool.




My new gray and chrome addition came from none other that our local T.J. Maxx, and cost me, not just under $100, but under $40! Okay, so maybe it was only “under” by a measly buck, but I was jumping up and down due to my ability to stay (way!) under budget this go around. It was so “too good to be true” that I was all but lying on the floor in the store to peer at all the nooks and crannies, assuming some kind of flaw. Luckily for me, I just happened upon an awesome clearance and I packed my new seat in the trunk of my car with that unnecessary hesitation behind me.


You guys know this if you are as avid shoppers of the T.J. Maxx as I am, but just in CASE we have some newbies in the group today, don’t underestimate the potential for treasures in the checkout line. Some of my favorite finds have actually turned up while snaking my way up to the cash register. I unearthed a fun Cynthia Rowley New York iPhone case for only $7.99 one particular trip, as seen here


And while carting my new drafting table stool to the register this latest trip, I couldn’t help but toss this roll of gold and white wrapping paper on the counter. At only $2.99, I couldn’t say no. What am I going to use it for? Maybe I’ll use it to wrap gifts, but it will also likely end up behind a frame as art or cut to line a bedside table drawer. The possibilities are practically endless.


Is anyone else out there a total Maxxinista? I’m a die-hard fan. Can you tell??

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