App to Try: Houzz

For the longest time it seems (although I’m not sure how) I lived without a smart phone – More specifically, I lived without an iPhone. And I always hated when people posted about iPhone- or smartphone-specific apps because I wasn’t able to partake in all the fun. But then my sweet hubby surprised me with my very own fancy touch screen iPhone and it took no time at all for me to embrace “the other side.” Consequently, I have turned into a huge hypocrite because I’m here today to share my latest app obsession. If you happen to be iPhone-less, I am deeply sorry for teasing you with this brand, BUT rest assured that their website is pretty darn cool and totally worth your perusal via laptop or desktop computer.


So DG-DIY readers, I’m pleased to introduce you to Houzz. A co-worker of mine actually got me in-the-know about this glorious little app, and I have since become glued to the screen. Picture me propped on the couch thumbing through the images in between commercials on HGTV – Yeah, that’s my kinda Saturday night.

How does it work? Okay, so it’s pretty similar to Pinterest really but it’s completely specific to your home. You scroll through their collection of millions of photos and add your favorites to your personalized “ideabook” with the tap of a finger. The image above shows a tiny snapshot of the inspiration I’ve cataloged away for future reference. Although it may seem silly to some, images like these are absolutely the fuel to the fire that keeps my creativity (and the existence of Dream Green DIY) going. Without rooms and colors and design to emulate and drive my own direction, I feel like I’d be completely lost. So this app is honestly such a priceless tool for me as I continue to acquaint myself with my style in adulthood.


Now, before I share some serious eye candy, I wanted to point out some of the cool features (P.S. You may have gathered that I tend to sound like an infomercial when I find a brand I like – Rest assured that I am not being perked in any way to chat about this app. I just love it to pieces and think you might too!). Anyway, beyond scrolling through the beautiful images, you can also hone in on certain specific topics like design and architect professionals (as seen pictured in the screen shot above) or products (as pictured below).


You can even post design dilemmas on a forum-like discussion board in order to get opinions and tips from others. What a great way to allow us to put our heads together when we run into issues in the home – I know I could have used something like this in the past.


But enough talking, let’s gaze…Below is an oversized handful of the rooms, spaces and corners that grabbed my attention while browsing through Houzz’s image inventory (with a couple of interjected thoughts in between). Some I was compelled to capture because of the way the room was arranged or because of a statement piece of art that I thought I might be able to recreate, and others were grabbed because they just plain blew me away.




Although I did my best to keep my ideabook limited to images that I could logically and realistically recreate, I DID cave and grab a couple of wild, extravagant images just to satisfy the dreamer in me. From beach side mansions to opulent pools and outdoor rooms, I am all but drooling at what could be if only we had a couple million bucks on hand.




Oh, and some images offer yet another layer. See that little green tag peppered throughout the image(s) below? Well when you tap one while inside the app, advanced product information and even paint color names will pop up allowing you to FULLY capture the look if you so choose. If I wasn’t putting myself on a strictly limited budget these days when it comes to home goods, I definitely would be snatching pieces up left and right.






The point of this long, drawn out love fest for all things Houzz is that you MUST check it out if you too are starving for home inspiration. My final point before I sign off for the weekend is that, once you’ve got a good start to your ideabook, you can run a customized slideshow of all the photos you’ve stored away. Talk about one of the best ways EVER to waste an afternoon, am I right?






What home apps do YOU guys dig? I’d love to add to my collection.

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