Throwing a curve ball in the bathroom

Remember when I was trying to decide between two shades of light pink to repaint our master bathroom? It was down to two colors: “Bella Pink” and “Early Sunset.” Well, here’s a curve ball for you – I chose neither! After careful consideration (and several weeks of staring at the samples on the wall), I decided that neither was the right fit. I thought they seemed a bit gray in photos, and it turns out that they seemed a bit gray in PERSON as well. Having neither the patience nor the funds to buy more samples and paint, I simply went with what we had and what we already knew looked beautiful.



Our new bright gray color is none other than the same gallon of paint used to redo the bathroom in the studio a few months ago. We L-O-V-E-D the color in the studio bathroom so much that it just made sense to go with it in our master as well. I consider myself head cheerleader for gray walls these days—It’s such a sophisticated neutral and allows all of the accents to really pop and shine. Speaking of accents…


Are you as totally head-over-heels in love with our new window valance as I am?? This beautiful piece comes from our very favorite curtain store in town, Curtains, Blinds & Bath. My mom and I have been going to this lovely, locally owned store for decades and can truly attest to the quality and selection found there. I know, I know…Here I go again sounding like a commercial…But TRULY, if you are looking for a wide variety of pattern and styles, this is the place to go. So if you’re looking for a bathroom renewal you can visit bathroom renovations Melbourne to find the desire style and design.

When I stumbled upon my new valance, I was actually just tagging along with mom on her own errands. I didn’t have any intention of buying anything that day (you know…the whole struggling freelance writer situation I’m in), but I had a great time lazily meandering through the aisles of curtain choices. I would use words like “luxurious,” “colorful” and “unique” to describe the inventory, but AMAZINGLY, I could easily toss “affordable” in there too. Believe it or not, I actually saw one valance with a price tag of only $15! And the sale section had pieces listed for only $5. I kid you not. If you are local, you need to run, not walk, (well, I guess you should drive) to the store.

But just as we were heading out, I happened to look up and there she was…The most perfect representation of my vision in pattern form. It had the gray, it had the mustard yellow (the unifying color throughout our home) and it would look just perfect against our freshly painted walls. Sold!





As for the other side of the room, I kept our white waffle shower curtain and towels and added a handful of inexpensive white hand towels to my basket storage on the wall. I left the brass framed owl print up, but I plan on switching that out for something a little more in line with the new color scheme as soon as I can. More on that soon.



The rest of the art in the room (at least at the moment) is comprised of my favorite pair of brass birds by the window, and my DIY jewelry holders. I am still kicking myself for not painting the frames when I had the chance, but I still love the functionality factor. They have proven to be a godsend each and every day as I choose my accessories for the day without having to dig through tangled drawers every morning. Plus, all of that vibrant color in the necklaces and earrings really works well in bringing life to the space.






I’m so relieved that my thrifted metal birds still make sense in the space with the new gray walls and patterned curtain. The rich color of the brass is picked right up by the dark yellow in the curtains. I couldn’t have planned that better if I tried—Don’t you just love happy accidents?



Oh, and don’t mind the reflection of my pink sweater in that closeup above. In person, it’s a nice warm color all over.

Not sure if you can call it art, but the countertop accessories haven’t changed much from the original set up – My mirrored tray (which is screaming for a gold spray painted face lift) is in place, along with the silver accents I bought when I painted the room green waaaaayyy back when. My little Ikea clock keeps me on track in the morning, and my set of perfume bottles keeps me smelling nice and girly. I also added a little photo of John and me taken at the beach a couple of years ago – Happy memories go a long way in starting the day off right.



So even though I ended up ditching the pink inspiration afterall, I really like how the room turned out – I’ve got a couple more changes up my sleeve to really finish it off too, so stay tuned for that! And since everyone loves a good “Before & After,” take a gander at this…

Bathroom Before After

I frankly really LIKED the green, but it just wasn’t right for our whole house color scheme. Maybe in our next house…Until then, I’m going to enjoy relaxing in my new serene, neutralized space.

Hope you have a great Wednesday.

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