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yellow window treatment

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One of the things I’m most looking forward to when we get a bigger house in a couple of years is a dining room. Some place dedicated to entertaining and enjoying a nice meal with family and/or friends. When I saw this space, I immediately felt myself being whisked off to big-dining-room dream land, but now that I take an even closer look I see that it’s actually not all that large. In fact, I think the room is about the same size as what we have right now. I think it feels larger because of that big glorious window – Oh, how I envy them that window…

1…In terms of the rest of the space, that massive plant sure catches my eye. I love the quirky detail of planting it in an old tin bread box – How fitting for a kitchen plant. Absolutely nothing has the power to warm up a space quite like greenery.

2…Pops of color are always my favorite details, and this big yellow, polka dotted window treatment doesn’t disappoint. Positioning it just alongside that pair of Kelly green light fixtures was genius. The deeper tone of the green helps to tone down the neon yellow just enough, all while making a statement.

3…Another detail I highly anticipate in our next home is a rustic dining room table. Who knows if my tastes will change in the next couple of years, but for now, this butcher block farm table is the stuff of my dreams. Pairing it with industrial metal cafe chairs is undeniably on trend these days, but I doubt that mixing these two textures will ever really go out of style.

What are your favorite details?

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