All in the details…

Barn door pantry

Source: Jones Design Company

This is one special corner, huh? Vintage meets a bit of modern convenience in this kitchen pantry nook, and I am just so excited by all of the details. Lighting, accessories, color – It’s well thought out and quite stunning to look at on top of all that function!

1…This is my kind of reclaimed barn door. I love the industrial, raw metal finish, which is a little more “me” in comparison to the wooden pieces we usually see. The piece has FABULOUS character in all of those surface flaws. Rusted metal bars, faded lettering and deteriorating top coat make this a one-of-a-kind find. By repurposing it as a sliding pantry door, these homeowners are celebrating a great piece of history. To say I’m jealous is an understatement…

2…So maybe it’s not for everyone, but I LOVE this collection of ceramic busts! The unpainted and unmounted sculptures keep that raw feeling from the door going, and are the ideal solution for filling that wasted space toward the ceiling. Having the eyes follow varying sight paths even makes me want to gaze around the room to see what they see too – A clever trick!

3…And finally, that chalkboard wall…I adore the fact that people are starting to move away from the standard matte black finish. This pale aqua color is a great way to modernize the older repurposed elements in the space, and adding that extra layer of customization with the chalkboard finish is perfection. Gotta smile at that cheeky nod to the dog bowl too.

What are your favorite details?

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P.S. Staci shared this hysterical SNL sketch after reading today’s post (hint: it focuses on ceramic busts), and I just had to add the link for you guys…”Ya gotta get yourself some ceramic busts!”

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