Charlotte shopping continued…Another IKEA adventure!

Remember when I teased about my latest trip to IKEA? Well don’t worry – I’m back to share all of the details on what I bought, where it went and how I plan on using the pieces in the future. But first I’ll let my two lovely friends, Alyssa and Sarah, once again demonstrate our excitement upon arriving to the store in Charlotte, North Carolina…

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 8.44.12 AM

And those smiles kept on coming as we loaded up our speeding little cart with treasures. I managed to exercise fairly good restraint on this particular trip, seeing as I hardly have a penny to my name. Because this store is the closest IKEA to our town (three and a half hours away), John and I tend to keep a running list of things we need for when we get around to making the trip. Thus I had good direction going into the excursion. That said, I maaaaaaaay have grabbed a few extra goodies along the way – Things that weren’t necessarily on my “IKEA” list, but definitely were top priority on my general “To Do” list.

Take these pots for example. I have a “Pinspiration Monday” project in mind that required terra cotta pots, but these IKEA specific clay vessels outdid my original vision. I LOVE the super straight silhouette (compared to the general hardware store version with a wide lip), and the IKEA price tag of only a couple bucks each convinced me to stray from the few items on my list and buy them.



I’m only going to give you that tiny little tease above because (1) they aren’t done yet, and (2) they deserve their own post.

Another not-exactly-on-my-list purchase was this vase. Again, the shape was something I wasn’t used to seeing in our local craft stores, and at only $1.99, it was CHEAPER than the vases I’m used to seeing in our local craft stores. Sold. Can’t you just imagine a big beautiful handful of tulips falling beautifully around the edges? Too bad I can’t afford fresh flowers now that I splurged on a new vase…


One final diversion from my list is this pair of candles. I hadn’t planned on buying candles at IKEA, but they were far and away cheaper than the large pillar candles I had seen at places like Michael’s and Target. I’ve been in search of a pair for the new hurricanes I picked up for our entryway table (pictured two photos below full of ornaments around the holidays). I think I ended up saving close to $15 by getting these plain unscented pillars from IKEA.



One particular item most DEFINITELY on my list was an armful of Ribba frames. These classic, straight edged frames come matted for a mere $10 – You would pay twice that for the same frame at Target. I bought 3 for my mom, and 2 for myself – 1 11×14 and 1 19×9.



The 11×14 frame ended up in our newly grayed master bathroom, complete with two of my new Paris postcards (scored in this month’s Parisian themed OliveBox). The white, black, gray and mustard palette works perfectly with the room’s new color scheme – Couldn’t have planned it better if I tried!



The short and long frame got an entirely different treatment, also to add a finishing touch to the repainted and restyled master bath. Alas, this project ALSO warrants its own post so you’ll have to wait to see the whole shebang.


The last thing on my IKEA list was a faux sheepskin rug. I’ve seen these little white fluffy numbers peppered far too often throughout some of my favorite rooms via blogs and Pinterest – It was time to grab up a couple for myself. I love the way they look draped over Eames rockers (like this), but for now they are laying on either side of our bed to nestle our toes in.


But wait! We aren’t done quite yet!!

Before even making it to IKEA, the three of us had plans to crash the local World Market as well. We don’t have one of these in our town either, and I had actually never been to the store – Period. So this was a fun trip, to say the least. Have you guys been? They seem to have a little bit of everything – Rugs, furniture, accessories, kitchen dishes, even groceries and wine. Although I SWORE up and down that I wasn’t going to buy anything, I just had to have this little mint cookie jar. At only $12, I rationalized that it was hardly a splurge. Plus, the storage factor and functionality make it a little less frivolous.



After getting it home, I popped a little peel-and-stick chalkboard label to the side of the jar, giving it a good bit of versatility. It holds tea for now, but can easily be relabeled to hold mints, cookies, napkins or chocolates. I adore how it continues the mint color throughout the space, especially on this little bookshelf vignette.



Speaking of that little bookshelf vignette, you may recognize one of my Charlotte “Thrift Store SCORES!” – The set of mint salt and pepper shakers is now proudly taking up residence where we can easily snatch them on the way to the dinner table. Oh, how I love mint…Can you tell?



Are you guys as obsessed with IKEA as I am? Do you have one nearby? If so, I’m beyond jealous. If not, are you like us and make a list before you make the extended trip? Only a week later, I ALREADY have a new running list…It never stops.

Have a great weekend!

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