Kicking off “Office Week” on DG-DIY

Welcome to my first unofficial “Office Week”! I have a TON of great office updates to share, and decided that it was the perfect excuse to dedicate an entire week to the awesome decorative and organizational solutions that we can all apply in our home (or corporate!) offices. Whether you already have a beautiful office full of light and color and simply want more eye candy, or you could use a little push in the final direction, I promise you’ll be able to snag a tip or two. From DIY filing solutions, to inspirational spaces we can all mentally drool over, I’m exploiting my love for functional design – five straight days in a row.

Today, I’m going straight to the big reveal. I’ve spent a lot of time (and luckily not a lot of money) in my own studio/office, working to perfect the styling AND the functionality of the storage I’ve been allotted. It’s not a big room, and the majority of the space is dedicated to my craft/drafting table, paper storage cabinet and guest bed, so I’ve had to get super creative and learn to live only with the things I need on a daily basis when it comes to my office zone. I also wanted to let my imagination run a little wild with color and accessories. This is MY room after all (John holds claim to the finished basement), so pink, mint and a big vintage “C” for Carrie were all fair game.






My IKEA shelves have been a total God send. They seem to sort of crown the desk, if you will, giving the whole arrangement a feeling of separation and importance. Because of the added surface square footage, I was able to get away with adding layers and layers of pastel color, along with a bit of functional storage as well. Books, my collection of washi tape rolls and a little standing filing system (which I’ll get to momentarily in detail) all stand out in a way that’s not overtly functional – I think it actually looks pretty too!




As for my desktop, I’ve had to pare that down as well to get the most out of my tiny desk. A “C” cup from Anthropology keeps my markers, pens and scissors in place, while my yard sale Moroccan jar adds a little warmth. And that peak of my inspiration board over the top of my computer screen keeps me motivated and dreaming day in and day out with its collection of cards, wallpaper/fabric samples and designer pops.




You may also have noted my string of paper bunting way up high. They are actually remnants of our wedding day last April, but I had always secretly hoped that I could find a place for them in our home. After saving them for a rainy day, I finally decided to try them over my desk and haven’t touched them since draping them across the shelves and stepping back to check it out. The more color (and pattern), the better in my opinion.

Now for a couple of important details…I was recently approached by two fabulous brands, each looking to share some pieces from their collections with me (and with you!). BOTH marry my top two priorities when it comes to office supplies: looks and function. One is wrapped in this delicious magenta ikat pattern, and the other is tied together by a pretty teal colored herringbone. It was a win/win (and let’s toss in an extra “win” here too, since you know what this means for YOU guys!).


The first is the Loom Writer’s Block, from The Green Daisy. In keeping with the site’s dedication to all things eco-friendly, this beautiful desktop accessory combines a notepad with a pen holder in a funky way that easily brightens a space. It’s hard to ignore that awesome rich pattern around the sides, making this anything but your standard sticky note pad. The best part? The 700 sheets are printed on wood-free paper with soy based inks. It may be a small step in our personal quests to save the environment, but it sure is a PRETTY one!



I personally love the added wow factor it gives my desk. No one can deny that pink and mint were meant to be together, so it’s the perfect complement to the wall color. And having notepaper within easy reach has already proven extra useful during phone calls and inspired moments. Now I just need to find a prettier pen to go with it…






Be sure to click over for more from The Green Daisy. We’re talking patterned wrapping paper (even some in kits!), a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e notecards and ribbons, bows and twine. Even despite all of the covetable color and designs, my favorite part of the brand has to be Marguerite’s dedication to working with products that sustain the environment. No one has to pay me a dime to say that we can ALL make a difference just by making a few simple changes in the way we live, shop and consume.

The second collection is from See Jane Work for Office Depot. I hate to pigeon-hole our gender, but this collection is such a perfect addition to a woman’s office. The patterns and colors easily jazz up a desktop, and the best part is that it can easily transition from home office to corporate life.

One thing I’ve always struggled with at work is making my office or cubicle feel like “me.” The light bulb moment happened as soon as I unwrapped the pieces in this collection. These components are anything but bland and make organization fun, whether you enjoy it (like me!) or not. I’m thinking that I need two sets now – One for home and one for work! Luckily (and I know I sound like an infomercial, but SERIOUSLY), the pieces are super affordable. We’re talking $3.99 for the pencil cup, $7.99 for the desktop organizer and $4.49 for the larger spiral bound notebook.






I’ve had so much fun infusing my little office corner with the pastel teal collection. The file folders went into a new filing system I DIYed (to be revealed later this week), and the desktop organizer and mini spiral notebook made it up on the shelves above my computer. And the rest? The larger notebook, pencil cup and letter trays? Well you’ll just have to wait and see about those…




I am so pleased with how my office is working now. Each day, I feel more and more productive having things in good order and looking great too. I finally feel like my office is one to be proud of, and I think that makes all the difference in how much time I spend there and ultimately how much I get done. I’d still love to replace the desk and chair with something a little more mod, but I’m okay with waiting until the perfect pieces come along.

Tell me about YOUR office, and while you do I’ll be working behind the scenes to put together one amazing office focused giveaway for later this week! Stay tuned…

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