DIY Jewelry Tray

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It never ceases to amaze me when some of my cheapest and simplest projects end up topping my list of “All Time Favorite DIYs.” Today’s project is right up there at the precipice because (#1) it took ohhhhhhh 10 minutes of hands on time to put together, and (#2) it only cost $6.11. $6.11 people!! That must be a record.

It all started a few Monday’s ago while clicking through my Glitter Guide Editorial Director’s “Style at Home” feature on GG. Caitlin deserves major kudos for inspiring the foundation of this project, because I had NO clue that you could transform an inexpensive acrylic photo frame box into an expensive lucite tray look-a-like. My eternal thanks to Caitlin for opening my eyes to this new possibility and, ultimately, for steering my thoughts in a fresh direction. Today’s post is testament to the power of how an idea can shift and expand just by seeing it from a new perspective.

But how about that new perspective…My little remix to Caitlin’s adorable coffee table tray was to create a lined insert using cardboard and linen, which I would use to display my favorite pieces of jewelry. As soon as I stepped back from the completed tray, I knew I was going to be making more. LOTS more. Girlfriends, beware – Your own Carrie-crafted DIY jewelry tray is going to be showing up with ribbons and bows for just about every major holiday in the foreseeable future.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial for this project as much as I enjoyed making it!


-8×10 acrylic photo frame box
-Natural linen
-Spray adhesive
-Clear Scotch tape

DIY Jewelry Tray

Step 1: Unwrap the acrylic photo frame box and remove the cardboard insert. Use a pair of scissors to cut the front piece of the cardboard (the one with the label) away from the side pieces – this will act as your insert.

Step 2: Lay the freshly cut cardboard on top of the linen and trim the fabric to size, leaving about an inch around the sides and cutting out the corners for easier wrapping.

Step 3: Once the fabric is cut, take it outside and spray a thin, even layer of spray adhesive along the back side. Then quickly lay the fabric on a clean flat surface (sticky side up) and place the cardboard on top in the middle, pressing firmly so that it adheres to the glue.

Step 4: Wrap the fabric edges up and over the cardboard, using Scotch tape to hold it in place. It won’t look all that pretty, but it will be hidden in the end and gets the job done using an office supply we all have around the house!

Step 5: Flip the cardboard over and set aside for the spray adhesive to dry – 24 hours is ample time for it to set.

Step 6: The next day, set the acrylic photo frame box on a table top face down, and slip the now dry linen-wrapped insert into the recess.

And there you go! Now all of your favorite jewelry pieces have an extra special place to shine. Display it on your dresser in the bedroom, or place right on the bathroom countertop within easy reach for spur of the moment decision making!



Mine now sits next to my DIY perfume stand on the bookshelf in our master bedroom, just outside the bathroom door. Each and every morning, I relish hovering my hand back and forth over the assortment of bangles, rings and earrings – What to choose, what to choose? It’s like being on the set of my own photo shoot. Every girl has that moment, right?



A couple of other ideas:

  1. Instead of plain linen, use a punchy patterned fabric. You can easily create multiple inserts for the tray and switch then out when the mood strikes!
  2. Rather than displaying jewelry, use the lined tray at your desk to corral favorite pens and notepads.
  3. Line the tray with cork for slip-proof wine glass transportation.
  4. You can never go wrong with a liner painted with chalkboard paint…Labeled cheese plate, anyone?

What would you display?


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