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I think all of us in blog land gave a collective gasp of joy at the reveal of Bri’s living room earlier this week. Done by my muse/idol/insert-something-glowing-here, Emily Henderson, this space is literally the stuff of (at least my) dreams. Mid-century flair, vibrant throw back colors and a hint of tribal funk, I’d love to flop into one of those cool chairs and just gaze around. For hours.

Let’s talk details…

1…We own a fabulous (thanks to John!) 1970’s coffee table, a couple of great mod dressers and an arm load of vintage trinkets from the brassy era that I adore so much, but the one thing we DON’T have is a mid-century cabinet. We have neither the space nor the budget for one in our current home, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over every one I see – The piece pictured above is a great example of juuuuust the kind I’d pause in front of and mentally cry over not being able to drag it home.

2…Another “m-m” (I’ve decided to shorten the era specific phrase because even I’M sick of hearing myself spout it off every other word) piece we don’t have is a teal couch. We’ve got a really great straight-lined sofa in our living room, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to this in-your-face teal tufted number. I die.

3…Despite knowing what a gem we have in our own thrifted m-m coffee table, I still feel myself turning emerald with envy over Bri’s. Those brass details are really one-of-a-kind. I sure wish I could have delicate vases of flowers balanced on ours too, alas…there are too many tails wagging their way destructively through our home each day – God love ’em!

What are your favorite details?

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P.S. I just had to share – One of my fabulous readers, Mary Ann (of School of Moxie), picked up two of my fine art prints and happened to blog about how she displayed them. I love how they look on the wall in her studio, don’t you? Thanks for sharing with us, Mary Ann!


If you blog or photograph how you display your OWN Art Carried Away prints, I’d love to see them and share with everyone! Email me at, or connect via Facebook/Twitter. And, as always, thanks for everyone’s support and constant creativity! You guys inspire and motivate me each and every day.

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